Pirate Moustache & Goatee Set

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Brave men run from you, saucy wenches come running to you! This Pirate Moustache and Goatee give you the dangerous look of a high seas adventurer, a pillager of booty and souls. The thick horseshoe moustache comes with a matching lip piece, and a beaded, twin braided goatee sits on your chin like dual fuses on a powder keg. All three sections of this salty set are 100% synthetic and 100% self-adhesive, easy to apply and remove in the roughest of seas. One size fits most teens and adults.

Pirate Moustache and Goatee Set includes:

  • Moustache
  • Lip piece
  • Beaded goatee

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No I definitely won't buy it again


Wasn't happy with this at all!!! Doesn't stick at all. Tho goatee stayed on a little longer than the moustache but I was very disappointed, should be made to stay on!!!!


Does not stick


The adhesive was not sticky! We had to put duct tape for it to stick.



Pirate Moustache & Goatee Set

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