5 Scary-Easy Halloween Treats That Will Spook and Delight

Recipes created by Wilton 

Trick or treat, give me something sweet to eat! These recipes from our friends at Wilton are ready to add character to your Halloween party. From cupcakes to mini donuts and more, get the tricks to making treats that spook and delight. Then head over to Wilton for more tricked-out treat ideas!

Candy Creeper Cupcakes Image

Candy Creeper Cupcakes

Top chocolate cupcakes iced in midnight black with candy creatures sprayed with Gold Color Mist Food Color Spray. Quick, easy and creepy!


  • 4 1/2 cups of your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe or mix
  • Gold Color Mist Food Color Spray
  • 5 ounces Bright White Candy Melts® Candy
  • 1 pound can Chocolate Ready-To-Use Decorator Icing

Tools and products 

  • Parchment Paper
  • Tip: 1M
  • White/Black/Silver Standard Baking Cups 
  • 10 x 14 in. Cake Boards
  • 12 in. Disposable Decorating Bags
  • 12-cup Standard Muffin Pan


Step 1: Use Color Right base color and QuickCount color formula to tint icing in the following shade: Black: 4 cups chocolate icing + 40 BK

Step 2: Make candy toppers. Copy one pattern for each treat. Place patterns on cake board and cover with parchment paper.

Melt white Candy Melts candy in disposable decorating bag according to package directions. Cut small point off bag. Fill in patterns with melted candy. Chill until firm, about 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3: Spray toppers with gold Color Mist food color spray. Let dry about 5 minutes.

Step 4: Bake and cool cupcakes.

Step 5: Decorate cupcakes. Note: Tint chocolate icing following color formula above. Prepare a disposable decorating bag with tip 1M. Fill with black icing. Cover cupcakes with a swirl. Position candy topper.

Candy Creeper Cupcakes Image

Halloween Emoji Brownies

Make Halloween just a little sweeter with these Halloween Emoji Brownies. Featuring cute pumpkins, monsters, devils and more, these Halloween brownies are fun treats to make for a party or bring into the office. Use various colors of Candy Melts candy to make the monster faces, then decorate them with icing to make your very own monster and pumpkin-faced emojis!


  • Your favorite brownie mix or recipe
  • Orange Candy Melts Candy
  • Red Candy Melts Candy
  • Vibrant Green Candy Melts Candy
  • Peanut Butter Candy Melts Candy
  • Purple Candy Melts Candy
  • White Decorator Icing - 4.5 pounds
  • Food coloring for icing: Black, Christmas Red and Kelly Green


Step 1: Bake brownies. Prepare brownie mixes following recipe instructions. Spread into prepared pan. Bake according to recipe instructions, removing brownies 2 to 3 minutes before done baking.

Lightly press Candy Melts candy, smooth side up, into brownie. Alternate colors as desired. Bake brownies an additional 2 to 3 minutes until Candy Melts are soft, but not melted. Let cool to room temperature, then chill until candy is solid.

Step 2: Tint icing. Using Black and Kelly Green icing colors, tint ¼ cup icing black and 1/8 cup icing green. Tint ¼ cup icing red using color combinations provided. Reserve remaining icing white.

Step 3: Decorate brownies. Prepare four decorating bags with tip 2. Fill separately with black, green, red and white icing. Pipe details on Candy Melts. Cut brownies.

Monster Mouthful Cupcakes

Monster Mouthful Cupcakes

Mischief-makers find it hard to scream on Halloween when you stuff their faces with treats! The cupcake creatures are colorfully decorated with Wilton Icing Pouches and topped with Large Candy Eyeballs.


  • Large candy eyeballs
  • Red Decorator Icing Pouch With Tips
  • Green Decorator Icing Pouch With Tips
  • 4 1/2 cups favorite cake recipe or mix (makes about 24 cupcakes)

Tools and products 

  • White Standard Baking Cups
  • 12-cup Standard Muffin Pan 
  • Spatula


Step 1: Bake and cool cupcakes.

Step 2: Decorate cupcakes by piping mouth areas with black icing and round tip. Smooth with spatula. Pro tip: Use various pouch icings with star or round tip to pipe zigzags, stars and outlines.

Step 3: Insert mini chocolate bars in mouth. Position candy eyeballs. For eyelashes, pipe pull-out lines with black icing and round tip.

Halloween Candy Corn Mini Donuts  Image

Halloween Candy Corn Mini Donuts

Fall colors are showing up on treats as well as trees! Mini donuts on a stick take candy corn as inspiration for a Halloween goodie everyone will love. Bake them in the mini donut pan, then decorate them with colorful Candy Melts candy!


Tools and products 

  • 12-cavity mini doughnut pan
  • 10 in. x 16 in. Non-Stick Cooling Grid
  • Non-Stick Parchment Paper
  • 8 in. Cookie Treat Sticks
  • 10 x 14 Sheet Cake Board
  • Candy decorating bags
  • Food-safe scissors


Step 1: Bake mini doughnuts. Prepare batter following recipe directions. Bake and cool mini doughnuts following recipe directions.

Step 2: Decorate doughnuts. Place doughnuts on cooling grid over parchment-covered pan. Melt orange, white and yellow Candy Melts candy according to package directions. Use melted orange candy in cut decorating bag to cover center section of doughnuts. Use melted white candy to cover top section and melted yellow candy to cover bottom section. Tap to smooth and remove excess candy. Chill until firm, about 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3: Insert stick. Remelt remaining yellow candy as needed. Dip end of stick in melted yellow candy. Insert stick in bottom of doughnut. Chill until firm, about 3 to 5 minutes.

Spider Web Cupcakes Image

Spider Web Cupcakes

These vivid candy spider webs are piped freehand using Wilton Vibrant Green Candy Melts candy. Use them to top cupcakes or add to the sides of a buttercream-iced cake either dessert is perfect for your Halloween party!


  • Favorite cupcake mix or recipe
  • Wilton Buttercream Icing Recipe
  • Vibrant Green Candy Melts® Candy (1 oz. makes 15 to 20 treats)
  • Violet Icing Color
  • Rose Icing Color (Combine Violet with Rose for deep violet shown)

Tools and products 

  • Non-Stick Parchment Paper
  • Tip: 2A
  • Halloween Spider Web Baking Cup
  • 12 in. Disposable Decorating Bags
  • Food-safe scissors
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Plastic ruler
  • 12-cup Standard Muffin Pan


Step 1: Make candy spider webs. Melt vibrant green Candy Melts candy in disposable decorating bag according to package directions. Cut small point off of disposable decorating bag. Use melted vibrant green candy to pipe full and half spider webs freehand on parchment paper-covered cookie sheet. Full spider webs should be approximately 2 1/2 in. dia. Chill until set, about 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 2: Make cupcakes. Prepare batter following recipe directions. Bake and cool cupcakes.

Step 3: Decorate cupcakes. Prepare buttercream icing following recipe directions. Tint a deep violet. Use tip 2A, a cut disposable decorating bag and violet icing to pipe swirl on top of cupcakes. Position candy spider webs on cupcakes.

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