Voodoo Brew Halloween Cocktail Idea

Brew a little Voo-Doo

What kind of hoodoo does this voodoo brew do? Drink up and find out! Summon the spirits and follow our how-to guide to serve up a dark and bubbly purple cocktail everyone will remember.



  • Red cabbage
  • Baking soda
  • Gin or vodka
  • Vermouth
  • Dry ice


  • Rubber Gloves

1) Step One

Make purple water: Boil red cabbage for 4-6 minutes. Let cool.

2) Step Two

Mix 1 Tbsp of purple water with pinch baking soda.

3) Step Three

Add gin or vodka, and a little vermouth.

4) Step Four

Drop dry ice* in glass for a smoky effect. *Caution: Handle dry ice with rubber gloves. Do not drink beverage until dry ice has melted and drink no longer bubbles. Don’t leave children unattended around dry ice.

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