6 Virtual Graduation Party Ideas

ConGRADulations Class of 2020! Grad is different this year. There won't be a walk across the stage in front of family and friends, tearful good-bye hugs or yearbook signings. Grad is going virtual this year, but it can still be filled with laughter, smiles and all the feels! 

First of, you'll want to plan how you will bring your family and friends together virtually. You'll need to decide which platform you want to use and pick a date and time so you can invite everyone to log on and tune in. 

The easiest, most popular video platforms to use are Zoom, Skype, Facetime (you can even create a Facebook event as your invite), Google Hangouts and Google Duo. 

Each platform has different limitations, so choose the best for your group. Zoom has a limit of 40 minutes, so if your gatherings tend to go long, this may not be your best option. Facetime only works with iOS, so if your group won't all be joining from Apple devices, this is not an option. Google Hangouts require a gmail account and Google Duo requires your participants download the app. All these platforms are free to use, you only need an internet connection and a computer, tablet or phone with a camera. 

Now, let's talk party planning. Here are six ways to say hat's off and game on to a hype grad party!

1. Let your Class of 2020 Pride Shine with Yard Signs

A young man sitting on a front stoop in a cap and gown with a congratulations to class of 2020 sign
A sign in a front yard saying congratulations with balloons

Decorate the front lawn with yard signs featuring graduation designs and headlines. Make your own sign or get a personalized yard sign you can stake right into the ground. And to top off that class of 2020 pride, don't forget the balloons!

Decorate your yard

2. Bring the Pomp & Circumstance to the Backyard

A graduation themed party table
A graduation themed party table outdoors

Set up a celebration that brings all the pomp and circumstance of the stage to your own backyard. Set up a table with themed tableware, matching balloons and décor, and top it off with tasty eats that are on-theme. Feeling down you missed the walk across the stage? Create your own at home. Set up a runner and have someone call your name. Don’t forget to catch it on video to share out later or invite your friends to a zoom call or social media live event and walk the stage as your friends and family cheer. 

Pump up your backyard party! 

3. Honor Grad on the Go!

Set the grad celebration in motion with a drive-by parade. While there won't be any yearbook signings or heartfelt hugs just yet, a parade is a fun way for grads to get together while keeping a safe distance. Participating in a parade? Go over the top, you earned it! Deck out your car with balloons, signs, streamers and more.

Style your ride for a parade

4. Go Big for Grad at Home

Table decorated for a graduation celebration
Table decorated for a graduation celebration

Grad at home can still be a grand affair, if you go all out. Take your grad celebration to the head of the class with themed decorations in your school colors or with a fun pattern. Themed tableware, napkins, streamers, hanging decorations ⁠—the more the better. Whoever said less is more didn’t know how to throw a party!

Get grade "A" decorations

5.  Make a statement with balloons

Girl in cap and gown holding a balloon that spells out "yay!"
Two girls holding "2020" number balloons

Why tell when you can show? Actions speak louder than words…and balloons speak loudest of all!

Inflate your photos with fun!

6. Show your silly with wearables.

You worked hard and now it's time to play. You earned the chance to have some fun, so don't take yourself so seriously. Hats off and hair down! Plus, outrageous wearables make for the best photos.

Two young girls wearing grad hats and sunglasses that spell "GRAD"

Get silly! 

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