St. Patricks Day Class Party Ideas

Add a treasure-filled leprechaun search to your St. Patrick’s Day class party! Get the class to (sham)rock out! Nothing makes a St. Patrick's Day classroom more magical than decking it out in green, shamrocks and a smattering of the wee folk. Your lucky little rainbow hunters will have a blast finding the pots of candy gold and rainbow fruit. Keep clicking below for clever ideas from candy to clover decorations!

Idea 1: Come up with shamrock schemes to catch a leprechaun!

The kiddos will love brainstorming clever ways to trap a leprechaun! Deck out the chalkboard in green and attach wee shamrock cutouts with their ideas – no scheme is too crazy! They may not catch any leprechauns with their creative ideas, but their laughter will be worth more than a pot o’ gold.

Idea 2: It’s their lucky day!

Be on the lookout for a leprechaun! A shamrock-studded classroom is the perfect place to stage a leprechaun search. Pots o’ gold and green, shamrocks and tons of clover-printed decorations make the perfect setting for a day of searching high and low for leprechauns.

Idea 3: Leprechauns can’t resist this sweet treasure!

They’ll be over the rainbow for these mini pots o’ candy gold! Fill mini plastic cauldrons with gold Sixlets® or gold jelly beans and arrange them on a shamrock tray. They’ll love taking a break from the search for a yummy treat, or you can hand them out after the hunt for a job well done!

Idea 4: Treat them to a rainbow of flavors!

Lucky them! This rainbow-licious platter is the perfect pick-me-up for hungry treasure hunters. Arrange colorful fruit like raspberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwis and blueberries in rainbow stripes. For a yummy treasure at the end of the rainbow, place a pile of gold coins at the bottom. A mini pot (without the gold) makes the perfect holder for forks next to St. Paddy’s napkins – ‘tis a tasty treat!

Idea 5: Lure leprechauns with a colorful treats table

These yummy treats will make the leprechauns come out of hiding! Leprechauns and kids alike will love munching on gold coins, rainbow lollipops and candy sticks in green, white and orange. They’ll be even more tempting in cute containers like rainbow-stripe pails, green bowls and clear pedestal bowls covered in shamrock clings. Look – a little leprechaun already appeared!

Idea 6: Lucky green and gold wall decor!

Glam up your wall space with a collection of clovers, horseshoes, rainbows and swirl decorations! Arrange the cutouts around a leprechaun sign to wish your wee little students a happy St. Patrick's Day, and it will look as though you've been transported to the Emerald Isle itself.

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