Halloween Spider Decorating Ideas

Arachnophobes beware! Your house will be the talk of the block with giant eight-legged crawlers of every size, webs stretched from corner to corner, and a couple of victims wrapped up in the madness. Ensnare onlookers with your swarm of spiders! Make their skin crawl with an arachnid assault! See the rest of our terror-ific decorating ideas to create an invasion of spiders on your porch. Looking for more creepy-crawlies? Shop all scary creature props and decorations.

Idea 1: Get big screams with a giant, hairy tarantula! 

Eight legs, two fangs, huge scares! This six-foot spider with furry legs, large fangs and poseable legs looks like he stepped out of the nightmares of any arachnophobe. Position him hanging off the roof right above where "dinner" guests have to walk under.

Idea 2: Get a jump scare with a spider animatronic!

The sheer size of this spider is enough to give even the bravest trick-or-treater the heebie-jeebies. When people pass by, the spider lunges forward—a lot faster than you probably expected. This Halloween animatronic will elicit surprised screams all night long. 

Creep them out with these deluxe crawlies:

Idea 3: Put a spider's meal front and center!

Looks like this house guest is staying for dinner. Visitors will wonder if they're next on the menu when they see this life-size skeleton cocooned in a giant web. Arrange this hilariously horrific scene in the front of the house to give chills to everyone who walks by.

Idea 4: Get under their skin with a skeleton that's all wrapped up!

This unlucky fellow sat for a spell and became a spider's meal. Cover a skeleton in a mess of spider webs with a couple of eight-legged creepers on the porch. Trick-or-treaters will think twice before walking past these wicked web weavers!

Idea 5: Creep them out with wicked wall-climbers!

Weave a web of fear with cobwebs and giant arachnids! Create crawling conditions for giant spiders by spreading stretchy spider webs from one side of the porch to the other. A giant light-up spider transforms into something even more terrifying at night when its evil red eyes glow. Add smaller spiders to the scene for extra creepiness – the more, the scarier!

Idea 6: Alert guests of the horrors awaiting them!

Don't say we didn't warn you! Increase the feeling of doom without boarding up the windows. A couple of ominous warning signs do the trick, especially when they're accompanied by a couple of grinning skulls. Weave them into the window webs for a scary-good decoration.

Idea 7: Add a skeleton "survivor" to the spider display

His fear of spiders won't let him rest! Arrange a skeleton in the window to act as a dead defender who forgot a very important fact – he's not alive anymore! Place a fake cleaver in one of his hands, because a rolled-up newspaper just won't cut it against 6-foot spiders.

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