Set the Scene

Fintastic Mermaid Party Ideas

Dive into these DIY Mermaid ideas for your birthday or baby shower shell-abration! Seas the day to create the mermaid fantasy of your dreams with a themed table setting, photo props, balloon decorations, centerpieces and favors.

9 Unique Unicorn Party Ideas

Prance your way into party planning perfection with a magical unicorn theme.Create this visually stunning theme with balloons, decorations, favors, candy, and a themed table setting.

Mix and Match Paper Fans How To

Vow to wow with a feature wall of fans! Flowers may fade, but these mix-and-match fans are wilt-proof. Keep reading for the deets on layering inexpensive paper fans for an easy, super-stylish statement wall or photo booth area – you won't believe how simple it is to make! Then add shiny gold letters spelling out everyone's favorite lovey-dovey send-off of XOXO—this doubles as a decoration and a fun, Instagram-worthy photo-op.

Bridal Wedding Bells Decoration How To

A little DIY gives the traditional wedding bells a new spin! Something old, something new, some wedding bells, and some blue! With just a few simple party decorations, you can easily whip up a lavish piece of statement decor. Take a peek at the step-by-step below to see how easy it is to create this too-cute decoration.

Mummy Crypt Idea

Get wrapped up in an evil mummy! Open the tomb and the treasure may be yours... but only if you can outsmart a striking cobra, Cerebus the guard dog and the pharoah’s bloodthirsty attendants. This scary Halloween haunted house decorating idea takes it over the top with a fogger attachment and cool themed props. Oh no... get out quick – or stay for eternity!

Zombie Cemetery Idea

Slay your decorations with a fogger and dry ice You can easily conjure up a Halloween cemetery full of freaky fog and the living dead – indoors or out. Start by covering the floors with strips of black tablecovers and lay down some mossy green jute. Choose some tombstones and stagger their height by stacking paver stones or books. Add a zombie dude that looks like he just escaped from the grave and add spook by scattering flameless tealights and draping black gauze. Finish off the graveyard display with a bat dangling in front of a gauze-covered window for a truly haunting look. So much for resting in peace!

Something Dark in a Corner Idea

Your front room is said to be haunted... A spirit that can make you scream, a thing of darkness, a creature that waits patiently for blood. She materializes in haunted places, in corners, hallways and in closets. If you choose to create this freaky haunted house decoration, beware. We can't guarantee it won't scare the life out of you!

Bloody Basement Haunted House Idea

Terrorize with a twisted bloody scene Put together a gory and gruesome basement display that will give visitors a bone-afide scare! Dangle severed hands, feet and heads by cuffs and chains to make the room look like a torture chamber and drip some fake blood on the ligaments for realism. A trash bin full of bloody bones and skeletons covered in blood-spattered plastic wrap will show that other victims didn’t make it out of the basement either! We created blood-spattered walls by smearing fake blood on clear plastic table cover that comes by the roll. Be sure to wear gloves – you wouldn’t want to be linked to this crime!

Spook Up Your Bar Cart for Halloween With This Guide

You love this Halloween take on the rustic trend. Serve drinks on the top shelf and trick out the bottom shelf with your fave skulls, bottles and pumpkins.

DIY Paper Lantern Jellyfish Decorations How To

How to turn paper lanterns into amazing floating jellyfish! Our fave DIY project yet! Use curling ribbon, iridescent ribbon, streamers and strips of plastic tablecover to create the tentacles! All you do is pinch and pull the plastic with your fingertips to get the ruffled look. Hang them on clear fishing line to create a magical underwater world!

Dory Scene Setter Decorating Idea

Inspire your guppies to explore the sea floor! Start by hanging a Finding Dory scene setter, which makes a perfect backdrop for photos. Next, create a simple balloon bouquet by inflating helium balloons and tying them together at different heights—don’t forget a cute balloon weight if you want your bouquet to stay at the bottom of your ocean!

Little Mermaid Scene Setter Decorating Idea

Transform your room into Ariel’s grotto Hanging a scene setter is an easy way to turn your house into Ariel’s home under the sea! Inflate a giant Ariel gliding balloon so the girls can pose for pictures with their favorite mermaid, and check out the how-to below on our other undersea details.

8 Unique Graduation Centerpiece Ideas

Show your grad that they're the shining star of their big day with these picture-perfect centerpiece ideas!

Bring the Pumpkin Patch to Your Party With DIY Halloween Favors

Turn simple balloons into jack-o'-lanterns with this easy craft! Will you make yours silly or scary?

Picture Perfect Halloween Mantel Idea

Go batty for this Halloween mantel decorating idea When it comes to decorating a Halloween mantel, you can cast a bewitching spell all season long by curating simple decor in a memorable way. Start by draping gray and black gauze over the mantel shelf; it allows for simple decorations, like bat cutouts and photo booth frames, to look both spooky and stylish. Read on to learn more on what makes a Halloween mantel display so wickedly dashing.