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  • Sofia the First Pretzel Pops How To

    Create sweet-n-salty princess wands! Just as Sofia transformed from a commoner into a princess, you can transform a common pretzel into a sweet-n-salty royal treat! Just dip pretz

  • Sofia the First Fruit Flowers How To

    Make fresh fruit Sofia snazzy! Sofia gives fruit a touch of princess personality! Cut watermelon in her favorite flower shape and create the kabobs using colorful Sofia the First

  • Sofia the First Cookies How To

    Sofia put a lot of heart into these cookies! It's Sofia's world, so the cookies must be iced in pastels and topped with pretty hearts! Use Sofia the First icing decorations to add

  • Sofia the First Cake How To

    Royal ideas for decorating a Sofia cake! You want to make everything right for your royal party - and with this gorgeous Sofia birthday cake, you'll make it amazing! Decorator fon

  • Sofia the First Marshmallow Pops How To

    Have a ball with marshmallow pops! Create candy-coated marshmallows fit for a princess! They are easy to make - just dip marshmallows in Candy Melts® candy and add a pretty Sofia

  • Sofia the First Cupcake Tower How To

    Bake a castle of cupcakes! Girls will know it's going to be a day to dream about when Sofia greets them from across the room! You can put this special scene together in a snap usi

  • Sofia the First Popcorn How To

    Pink and purple make this snack pop! Dream castles have popcorn inside and lots of it! Give popcorn two coats of color that match Sofia's coat of arms! It's easy to make the popco

  • Sofia the First Cereal Bars How To

    Nibble on VIP crispy rice treats! Easy treats, decorated Sofia-style, with Candy Melts® candy, sugar pearls and a Sofia the First icing decoration on top! What a great way to make

  • Sofia the First Heart Parfaits How To

    Princess perfect parfaits! Adding some healthy treats to the party is the kind of wise decision Sofia is all about! Every girl will think these raspberry and yogurt parfaits rule

  • Disney Princess Jumbo Cupcake with Candles Idea

    When you wish upon a cake… A jumbo cupcake is chic, eye-catching and even has room for the birthday candles! The “baking cup” of this colossal confection is made from candy

  • Minnie Mouse Fun Fruit Treats How To

    Fun fruit treats Minnie would ♥! Healthy fruit gets a fun Minnie transformation! The easy-to-follow directions are below, on our Minnie Mouse Candy-Dipped Strawberries How-To.

  • Minnie Mouse Pretzel Pops How To

    A salty-sweet snack dressed up as Minnie! Give pretzel rods a Minnie makeover with a few colorful decorations! Follow along with the Minnie Mouse Pretzel Rods How-To below.

  • Minnie Mouse Cereal Cake How To

    Let Minnie join the table as a cute cake! This Minnie cake is easier to make than it looks! See what we mean below by checking out the Minnie Mouse Cereal Cake How-To.

  • Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies How To

    Too-cute Minnie Mouse bows Minnie's signature bow will tie all your party treats together! Polka-dot bow cookies are delicious treats and party decorations, too! Find all the deta

  • Minnie Mouse Doughnut Hole Pops How To

    Minnie Mouse pops are tee-hee-licious! One look and you'll know who this sweet and tasty pop resembles! All the details are below on our Minnie Mouse Doughnut Hole Pops How-To.

  • Minnie Mouse Marshmallow Pops How To

    A pretty pail of Minnie Mouse marshmallow pops! These pretty-in-pink pops are easier to make than cake pops! All the details you need are on the Minnie Mouse Marshmallow Pops How-

  • Minnie Mouse Cupcake Tower How To

    Minnie adds charm to this tower of cupcakes! A themed cupcake tower makes every party more special! Our Minnie tower is so easy to put together; just follow the Minnie Mouse Cupca

  • Minnie Mouse Bow Bars How To

    Minnie Mouse Bow Bars dress up cereal treats! "Yoo-hoo!" Everyone will adore these easy-to-make treats! For all the simple instructions, see our Minnie Mouse Bow Bars How-To below

  • Minnie Mouse Brownies How To

    Brownie bites topped with a bow! Minnie never goes anywhere without her signature bow, and party guests won't be able to get enough of these goodies! See the details below on our

  • Minnie Mouse Watermelon Bows How To

    Nothing's sweeter than Minnie's fruit bow! Your fab fashionistas will love snacking in style on sweet fruit treats! Find the easy details below in our Minnie Mouse Watermelon Bows

  • Doc McStuffins Fondant Cake How To

    Double the fun with this two-layer Doc cake! We guarantee a smile on everyone's face when you bring out this Doc McStuffins cake! Treat your little docs to two giant tiers of the

  • Peppa Pig DIY Centerpiece Idea

    Peppa fans will ♥ this balloon centerpiece! Balloons go with birthdays like Peppa Pig goes with muddy puddles! For a super fun look, add balloons to the party table with this DIY

  • Peppa Pig Cake How To

    Decorate a perfect piggy cake They will have a pep in their step when they see the birthday cake! We decorated this delightful dessert with balloons and presents in vibrant colors

  • Monster High Crisped Rice Fingers How To

    Candy dipped crispy rice fingers are a scream! Head on over to the Monster High Crisped Rice Fingers How-To for the steps on how to make these clever monster-themed munchables! We

  • Monster High Candy Covered Strawberries How To

    Dip into these stylishly sweet strawberries! Give strawberries a monstrously-cute makeover with black and pink Candy Melts® served on a bone-white platter. Check out the Monster H

  • Monster High Cookies How To

    Spin web-frosted Monster High cookies! Catch the birthday girl in a web of deliciousness! You can mimic the look with a favorite cookie recipe, pink and black icing (tips included

  • Monster High Skullette Cake How To

    Yum-to-the-bone cake! The skullette has killer-cute style, so it makes a specter-tacular cake. The Monster High Cake How-To has the step-by-step on decorating it with your own cla

  • Monster High Fruit and Cheese Kabobs How To

    Fun picks + cheese and grapes = stylish snackable! Be silly, be cheesy, be fierce! For a healthy treat that pairs perfectly with all your sweet treats, check out the Monster High

  • Monster High Argyle Toast How To

    Give mini toasts a touch of Monster style! Even the toast screams fashionista when it has an "argyle" pattern of sliced cheese and cream cheese. These yummy melba toast snacks loo

  • Monster High Marshmallow Pops How To

    Take a bite out of these marshmallow pops! Marshmallow pops drizzled with fashionista black make for the cutest snack! All you'll need to do is grab large marshmallows, Candy Melt

  • Monster High Cupcake Tower How To

    Rule the school with a cupcake tower! A few dozen pink cupcakes in official Monster High baking cups = a sweet birthday cupcake tower! To decorate your confections in style, you'l

  • Monster High Brownies How To

    Sink your fangs into Frankie-styled brownies! Patch together a deliciously stitched brownie with the Monster High Brownies How-To and pink, blue and black frosting alongside Monst

  • Monster High Doughnut Pops How To

    Candy-drizzled pops are to howl for! Style these doughnut pops if you dare! Between the black, pink and blue Candy Melts® and the gravity-defying display, your ghoulfriends will b

  • Monster High Argyle Pretzel Pops How To

    Monstrously cute argyle pretzels! Make sure your birthday girl has the tastiest day of her unlife with dipped pretzels. Icing decorations and little diamonds of fondant seamlessly

  • Monster High Vampire Tomato Pops How To

    Turn cherry tomatoes into cheese-filled snacks! The cute little fangs on these tomato pops are made with bits of cream cheese! Nibble on our Monster High Tomato Pops How-To for st

  • Monster High Fondant Cake How To

    Serve up a cake that's to die for! Make the party even more freaky fabulous with a beautiful cake and Monster High tableware and birthday candles! Whether you order it from your f

  • Frozen Cupcakes How To

    Have an icy blast with Frozen cupcakes! This cupcake tower is as grand as Elsa's ice palace, but way more tasty! Melt hearts by serving these adorable cupcakes at your Frozen-them

  • Frozen Coconut Strawberries How To

    Give strawberries a dusting of delicious snow! It looks cool and tastes delicious! Create a "snow"-covered strawberry for your parties with three simple ingredients: strawberries,

  • How to make easy snacks for a Frozen party

    Your royal guests will love these savory snacks! Tasty for an afternoon snack or to serve at a party, these snack ideas are "snow" easy! Got Frozen cupcake picks? Then you're almo

  • Snowflake Crispy Rice Cereal Cake How To

    Dazzle them with a yummy crispy rice cake Make a delicious crispy rice cereal treat in a snowflake shape by cutting freehand, then trimming with a knife. A platter of blue jelly b

  • Frozen Olaf Marshmallow Pops How To

    Olaf treats worth melting for! Make everyone melt with these adorbs Olaf pops. Display them in a clear container filled with blue Sixlets®. The Olafs will look like they're dancin

  • Frozen Cake How To

    Thaw frozen hearts with ice queen cake! This snow-gorgeous cake will be the royal star of your winter-themed party or Frozen birthday bash! Unleash your decorating skills with han

  • Frozen Olaf Brownies How To

    Olaf knows snowsational brownies when he spots them! Lovable Olaf the Snowman makes a memorable entrance at your Frozen-themed party. Use the Frozen icing decorations to decorate

  • Frozen Snowflake Cookies How To

    Make one-of-a-kind snowflake cookies Make it snow at your Frozen-themed birthday party by serving delicious snowflake cookies. Cut perfectly shaped cookies each time using the sno

  • Frozen Dipped Pretzels How To

    Wave (and eat) pretzel icicle wands! Hand out a sweet favor at the end of your birthday party. Dip pretzel rods in Candy Melts® Candy and sprinkle in white sparkling sugar. For a

  • Frozen Doughnut Pops How To

    "Snowball" doughnut pops are full of Frozen sparkle! Give your favorite doughnut holes a little sweetness and sparkle. Use Candy Melts® candy and colored sugar to easily create po

  • Frozen Olaf Cupcake How To

    This tiny Olaf (cupcake) is ready for a warm hug! Everyone wants to be chillin' with Olaf the Snowman from Disney's Frozen! Now here's the perfect treat–an Olaf cupcake topped wit

  • Cinderella Fondant Cake How To

    A sparkling birthday cake inspired by Cinderella! You don't need the powers of a fairy godmother to create a magical cake! Your little princesses will adore this bibbidi-bobbidi-b

  • Barbie Cake Idea

    Decorate a chic cake No party is complete without cake! Creating this sweet treat for your little go-getter is really a piece of cake! With fondant, pink icing, gumballs, and Barb

  • Barbie DIY Centerpiece Idea

    Design a balloon centerpiece Bring your own style to the table with a DIY Barbie centerpiece. To make this you'll need a few materials and a little creativity. Just follow our sim

  • My Little Pony Fondant Cake How To

    Make a magical My Little Pony cake! Give the birthday girl a towering confection that's as magical as she is! Trot on over to our magical My Little Pony Fondant Cake How-To to cre

  • Rainbow Dash Pretzel Pops How To

    Dash over to get the rainbow pretzel how-to! Candy melts and pretzels create a sweet and salty treat that will keep the pegasus ponies fueled for flight. To make them you'll need

  • My Little Pony Cupcake How To

    Three-tiered cupcakes! They're the best cupcakes in Equestria! Bake your pony's favorite cupcakes in My Little Pony baking cups and prep custom colored icing to decorate. The mixt

  • My Little Pony Sparkle Cookies How To

    Sparkle cookies are made of yum! Cookies, candy and sprinkles?! There isn't a cuter combination in all of Ponyville! Our My Little Pony Sparkle Cookies How-To will show you how ea

  • My Little Pony Candy Covered Strawberries How To

    Sweet strawberries for your ponies! Applejack picked them and Pinkie Pie dipped them! Candy-covered strawberries are delicious on their own, and adding My Little Pony icing decora

  • Pinkie Pie Cake How To

    Decorate a Pinkie Pie cake for your birthday pony! Bake a grand pony cake! Just follow the step-by-step instructions in our Pinkie Pie Cake How-To below and display your pony mast

  • My Little Pony Marshmallow Pops How To

    Cutie Marshmallows! Marshmallow pops are the best bite-sized morsels, and adding sprinkles and Candy Melts makes them sweeter than a sugar cube! Display them in a My Little Pony f

  • Little Mermaid Jumbo Cupcake with Candles Idea

    Pick up your dinglehopper and get ready for cake! Spoil your little mermaid with a gigantic cupcake, made with a special cake mold. The “baking cup” of this colossal confection is

  • Hello Kitty Smoothies How To

    Stir up Hello Kitty fun with special swizzle sticks! Stir up some fun with this easy garnish for your smoothie. Use Candy Melts® candy and Hello Kitty icing decorations to add a h

  • Hello Kitty Pretzel Pops How To

    Grab-and-go treats are sweet, salty and Hello Kitty-licious! Kids need treats they can grab and go. This salty-sweet pretzel treat is just what they want! Icing and sugar crystals

  • Hello Kitty Candy Apples How To

    Fruity treats for your cuties! Mix a little fruit in with the party fun! It's easy with apple slices and bright pink and white Candy Melts® candy. Colorful dotted icing lends a cu

  • Hello Kitty Cookies How To

    Calling all balloon cookie artists! These quick-to-make treats are just what you need to get a birthday party off the ground! Hello Kitty gets a bright (and tasty!) stage with the

  • Hello Kitty Fruit and Cheese Kabobs How To

    Say "Cheese!" for Hello Kitty kabobs Wholesome treats can be fun too! Use Hello Kitty fun pix® to pull together easy grape and cheddar kabobs. They stand up all by themselves – a

  • Hello Kitty Cupcake Tower How To

    A tower of cute 'n creative sweets! A cupcake tower takes your party table to the next level! Our Hello Kitty Cupcake Tower How-To shows you exactly how to create it. A flower-sha

  • Hello Kitty Popcorn How To

    This popcorn is tickled pink - just like Kitty White! Just think pink! This popcorn treat is perfect for a Hello Kitty celebration. Just spray your favorite white popcorn with Col

  • Hello Kitty Cereal Rounds How To

    These sweet cereal treats will make party guests smile! Cereal treats taste great and now they look great, too! With Hello Kitty icing decorations in the spotlight, surrounded by

  • Hello Kitty Candy Covered Marshmallows How To

    Adorable marshmallows sparkle with Hello Kitty magic! Bite-sized and adorable! These candy-coated marshmallows are colorful and so easy to make. With the help of Candy Melts® cand

  • Hello Kitty Brownies How To

    Three pretty Hello Kitty colors really brighten up party brownies! Those familiar Hello Kitty colors really brighten up a brownie! Decorating is super-easy when you use Candy Melt

  • Hello Kitty Doughnut Pops How To

    Delightfully dainty doughnut pops! Kids will know by the bow – these candy-dipped doughnut are pure Hello Kitty fun! Even first-time candy makers can do the dipping and decorating

  • Hello Kitty Form Cake How To

    Hello Kitty comes to life on a beautiful cake! Amaze everyone at the party with your decorated Hello Kitty cake! Whether you're a baking pro or novice, the Hello Kitty cake pan ma

  • Dory Jumbo Cupcake with Candles Idea

    Make a special cupcake for the birthday girl! If you’re looking to wow, bake a whale of a cupcake! Use an easy giant cupcake pan to make the cake and pick out special Dory candles

  • Power Rangers Fondant Cake How To

    This cake is Dino-might! It's amazing what you can do with the Red Ranger pattern and and some bright red fondant. Making the cake is easier than it looks, and the whole team is g

  • Jake Cheese & Cracker Maps How To

    Is this treasure map cheesy or what? Throw in some sea-worthy savories! Pick your pirate's favorite cheese and crackers, and grab a bell pepper and round cookie cutter, to assembl

  • Jake Treasure Map Brownies How To

    X marks the brownies! Digging for treasure has never been so fun – or so delicious! Follow the easy instructions below on our Jake's Treasure Map Brownies How-To.

  • Jake Spyglass Crispy Rice & Cones How To

    Spy on crispy rice treats! Yar, eat these spyglasses! Between the ice cream cone stuffed with crisped rice and a Candy Melts® chocolate cap, there will be very little spying and a

  • Jake Cookies How To

    Steer Bucky to these cookies! Yo-ho, let's go… get cookies! Mix up your own blue icing and decorate with treasure chests or a sweet ship's wheel, and either way the Jake's

  • Jake Fondant Cake How To

    Yo ho, yo ho, it's a pirate's cake for all! Your band of buccaneers will be thrilled to dive into the cool edible treasure map, sand and eye patch! And you will be thrilled to kno

  • Jake Marshmallow Treasure Chests How To

    Chocolate covered marshmallows are pure gold! Send the buccaneer crew out to find buried treasure! All you'll need are jumbo marshmallows, brown and yellow Candy Melts® and decora

  • Jake Fruit & Cheese Kabobs How To

    Ahoy mateys! Skewers of fruit and cheese ahead! Want more fruit and cheese options (and swordplay)? Go for skewers! Unsheathe Jake's Fruit & Cheese Kabobs How-To, round cutters an

  • Jake Cupcake Tower How To

    Ahoy matey, a mountain of treasure-cakes! Who doesn't love a mountain of cupcakes? Treat your little pirate and his buccaneer crew to this tower with the Jake's Cupcake Tower How-

  • Jake Popcorn How To

    Buccaneer popcorn! Make popcorn as bold as Jake's bandana! Trade loot for red food coloring spray and set sail to the Jake's Red Popcorn How-To for navigation details. Split up th

  • Jake Treasure Pretzel Pops How To

    Piratey stripes and lickable loot! Sailing Bucky is hard work, so reward Jake and his crew with a bucket of pretzel rods! To create this two-toned look, grab your favorite pretzel

  • Jake Apple Ships How To

    Fly the jolly cheese and set sail for apple slices! Run up the cheese flag and prepare to board! Impress Jake and his mateys with delicious apple dinghies by using the Jake Apple

  • Jake Never Land Island Cake How To

    Maroon yerself on this island-cake! With a few clever candy tricks, crushed graham crackers and ombre icing, the little pirates will shout "Yo-ho, let's go!" when they spot this t

  • Batman Gotham Skyline Cake How To

    Serve a Gotham-cityscape cake! Get creative with this candy-tastic Batman Cake How-to, featuring a cool Gotham cityscape on the top tier and fun fondant polka dots on the lower. W

  • Batman Batsignal Cake How To

    Serve up a crime-fighter cake! Whip up this super bold Gotham Cityscape Batman cake using our easy Batman Fondant Cake How-to below! Give this cool cake some POW! with a Batman ta

  • Pokemon Fondant Cake How To

    Be a Pokemon cake master! Complete the birthday by opening up the poke ball and eating what you find! Start with the birthday boy's favorite cake flavor and cover it with red, whi

  • Super Mario DIY Centerpiece Idea

    A DIY centerpiece to fire up the table Power up your table with this DIY Super Mario centerpiece. Just choose your favorite cutouts from Super Mario swirl decorations and follow o

  • Super Mario Cake How To

    Even Bowser will devour this treat! Get them powered up with cake! This yummy treat is full of all the whimsical scenery and characters straight from Super Mario world! We decorat

  • Thomas Cake How To

    Pull up to the station with this cute cake! Your little party guests will want to hop on a one-way train to this Thomas and Friends cake! Jump aboard our Thomas Cake How-To for th

  • Avengers Fondant Cake How To

    Serve up superhero fun with a themed cake! You don't need to be a superhero to create this yummy dessert! See our how-to below for the step-by-step instructions. Have Avengers tab

  • Captain America Fondant Cake How To

    Make a cake that packs a punch! For another take on a super cake, let Captain America's red, white and blue liven up your party table! Check out the Avengers Cake Decorating How-T

  • Despicable Me Brownie Pops How To

    Brownies and Minions are a yummy combination! Have Kevin, Stuart and Bob join the party with these brownie pops! You'll need your favorite brownie recipe and the brownie pops mold

  • Despicable Me Pretzel Pops How To

    Gru, we shrunk the Minions! Gru, we shrunk the Minions! Candy Melts® and pretzel rods are a villainously good sweet and salty combination, not to mention the eyes, hair and mouths

  • Despicable Me Marshmallows How To

    The little brother Bob becomes the world's best marshmallow! Bob would be over-the-moon to see these morsels, and so will your little Minions! They're a cinch to make, too, with j

  • Despicable Me Cupcake Tower How To

    Go bananas over a tower of cupcakes! Those yellow fellows will help you plot your party plan with easy cupcakes. Baking cups and a treat stand are all it takes to lift swirled cup

  • Despicable Me Mini Minions Cake How To

    Minion snack cakes will please heroes and villains alike! Feel like a decorating super-villain with these Minions cakes! With the help of our Minions Kevin Cakes How-To and the Mi

  • Despicable Me Minions Cake How To

    Minion-approved birthday cake! Stuart, Kevin and Bob are here to do your birthday bidding - even if you're just plotting to have a great time! This cake is easy to decorate: just

  • Despicable Me Fondant Cake How To

    A Minion cake steals their attention! Treat hard-working Minions to a rainbow Minion cake! Fondant goggles, rainbow stripes and Despicable Me Candles make this villainously delect

  • Transformers Fondant Cake How To

    Fly in the Bumblebee cake This cool fondant-n-gumballs cake will transform your guests into Autobot allies! Cruise on over to our Transformers Fondant Cake How-To for the details