How to Trunk-or-Treat

by Tovah Novak

My favorite time of year is just around the corner and with so many of my friends wanting to keep their circle small, we’ve decided to do a trunk-or-treat this year! If you’ve never heard of it, let me fill you in!

Find a group of friends, coworkers, daycare moms etc. and find a parking lot! You all decorate your trunks with your favorite Halloween decor (you can get SUPER creative) and your kids go from trunk to trunk getting candy! It’s a great alternative to going door to door but still allows your kids to enjoy the Halloween fun.

Creating the ultimate trunk-or-treat experience starts with choosing a fun theme and then buying your Halloween supplies at Party City! They not only have a huge selection of themes but they always have the best value so there’s no need to shop around at different stores because you can go to Party City and get it all! They have Halloween costumes, decorations, party utensils and more at a price you can’t beat; I was able to decorate my trunk for under $33! I decided to shop for all my trunk-or-treat decor online and take advantage of their free delivery, but you can also go in store or shop online with Curbside Pick Up. For the ultimate trunk-or-treat decor, follow the easy steps below.

Spider-man themed balloons decorate the trunk of a car

1. Pick a Theme & Centerpiece for Your Trunk

With both my kids loving superheroes, it was a no brainer that we were going to shop for Marvel themed Trunk or Treat decor. I found an awesome Life-Size Giant Gliding Spider-Man Webbed Wonder Balloon for the centerpiece in my trunk! It’s a foil balloon, easy to inflate and it’s reusable so we can keep it for next year or for another party. It literally takes up half my trunk and really makes a fun first impression! I filled up the rest of my trunk with blue and red balloons to keep with the Spider-Man color theme. Party City sells them in packs or individually so you can get the perfect amount to fill your trunk! I used 10 balloons (5 red and 5 blue). You could also cover the bottom of your trunk with a table vover if you prefer. Get creative!

Spider-man themed balloons decorate the trunk of a car

2. Make It Spooky

It is Halloween after all, so whatever theme you choose, don’t forget to add some fun and spooky Halloween props as well! I ordered a red plastic table cover to drape over the corners of my trunk and I simply cut the table cover in half and it was more than big enough for both sides of my car (I drive a large SUV). I ordered some fun white stretch spider web to drape over the corners of the table cover and even had some left over to use on my front door! 1 pack, which only costs $0.99, stretches to over 40 square feet! I covered the spider web in black clip on spiders to really add a fun touch. They come in packs of 24 so 1 package is more than enough for your whole trunk.

Spider-man themed balloons decorate the trunk of a car

3. Don’t Forget Your Costume

No trunk-or-treat is complete without a costume! Party City is the only place we shop every year for costumes for our whole family. They have costumes for babies, toddlers, children, adults and even your pets! 

Spider-Man Shopping List

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