How to Party

Zombie Cemetery Idea

Slay your decorations with a fogger and dry ice You can easily conjure up a Halloween cemetery full of freaky fog and the living

WWE Fondant Cake How To

Win them over with a WWE cake! Finish off with a guaranteed winning move – cake! Swing over to our WWE wrestling ring cake how-to

Witch's Crew Jack o' Lantern Candy Cake How To

Add a jolly jack-o'-lantern to the treats table! Ghouls and boys will love carving into this cheery pumpkin cake! Give the jack-o

Witch's Crew Halloween Striped Pretzels How To

Trick for treats! Sweet and salty pretzels! Pretzel sticks drizzled in melted candy are a tasty treat and you can make them in an

Witch's Crew Candy Covered Cone Hats How To

Wickedly delish witch's hats! Whip up spooktacular no-bake witch's hats! Sugar cookies and ice cream cones dipped in a cauldron o

Watermelon Mimosa Idea

Toast warm days with watermelon mimosas Add a twist with fresh watermelon instead of orange juice, and garnish with a wedge of wa

Tropical Pineapple Cupcakes Idea

Lei pineapple flowers on cupcakes! Add some aloha to cupcakes with dried pineapple flowers. These edible decorations are the perf

Transformers Fondant Cake How To

Fly in the Bumblebee cake This cool fondant-n-gumballs cake will transform your guests into Autobot allies! Cruise on over to our

TMNT Shell Crispy Rice Treats How To

Training hard? Take a break with these shell-tastic treats! Whip up a batch of these shell-tastic treats for the ninjas-in-traini

TMNT Shell Cake How To

Your little ninjas will be shell-cited at this totally rad cake! Get pumped up with a birthday cake that captures the Teenage Mut

TMNT Pretzel Rounds How To

Fuel the turtle power with salty-sweet snacks! Surprise the ninjas-in-training with these easy treats starring their favorite Tee

TMNT Pizza Cookies How To

Pizza power! Make Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo's favorite food in sweet-treat form. Simply use your favorite cho

TMNT Mask Brownies How To

What's behind the mask? Brownies! Little ninjas will marvel at discovering the yummy brownie behind the turtle mask! Use any brow

TMNT Marshmallow Pops How To

Yummy TMNT marshmallow pops Turtle-ize marshmallows into colorful candy-covered treats! Simply dip them in dark green Candy Melts

TMNT Fruit and Cheese Kabobs How To

These apps have turtle 'tude! Transform fruit and cheese into apps with turtle 'tude! Easily turn this simple snack into a TMNT p

TMNT Fondant Cake How To

Present a TMNT cake that'll knock their shells off! If there's anything the Ninja Turtles love more than pizza, it's birthday cak

TMNT Doughnut Pops How To

Make a team of turtle doughnut pops! Everyone will love these easy no-bake treats! Doughnut holes are dipped in dark green Candy

TMNT Cupcake Tower How To

Make a tower of turtle treats! Make a tower of cupcakes in the colors of Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo! Show off

TMNT Candy Apples How To

Serve apples with a turtle twist! Serve these turtled-out treats to your little ninjas! The colorful turtle masks are easy to mak

Tissue Paper Flowers How To

Grow a garden of bright (paper) blooms! Create a lush garden of DIY flowers for your Easter egg hunt! These pretty paper blossoms

Thomas Cake How To

Pull up to the station with this cute cake! Your little party guests will want to hop on a one-way train to this Thomas and Frien

This DIY Balloon Arch Will Give Your Party Instant Wow-Factor

Believe it or not, these impressive balloon arches are very do-able. Keep reading for the tutorial and make your birthday girl’s d

Thankful Apple Pie Recipe How To

Serve up a slice of Thankful Apple Pie Apple pie is welcomed at any time of the year, but when leaves change into vibrant colors,

Taller and Smaller Drink Idea

It’s time for tea! The Mad Hatter would be delighted by this unique tea idea! Check out the how-to below for two versions of a ma

Super Mario DIY Centerpiece Idea

A DIY centerpiece to fire up the table Power up your table with this DIY Super Mario centerpiece. Just choose your favorite cutou

Super Mario Cake How To

Even Bowser will devour this treat! Get them powered up with cake! This yummy treat is full of all the whimsical scenery and char

Super Mario Balloon Tower DIY

Easy balloon towers Super size your party decorations. It's easy with our balloon tower kit. Follow the How-To below and create t

Sunny's Easy Win Chili Recipe

Fill your Infladium to the brim for your carnivore crew! Follow Sunny's easy recipe to make an easy chili that'll make the crowd g

Sunny's Easy Cheesy Spread Recipe

If you plan to fill the stands of your Infladium with lighter snacks or vegetarian options, this cheesy spread is a must-make!

Sunny's Classic 7-Layer Dip Recipe

Pair this dip with snacks and small bites that taste great at room temperature and you’re in the red zone.

Strawberry Reindeer Faces How To

Rein in your sweet tooth with candy melt strawberries! Deck your chocolate-covered strawberries with a nose, eyes, ears and antle

Star Wars DIY Centerpiece Idea

DIY centerpieces with glow sticks! Here’s a cool way to display favors that doubles as a centerpiece! We used red and blue glow s

Star Wars Cupcake Tower

A looming tower of delectable treats Command their allegiance with a tower of sweets! Follow our How-To and create out-of-this-wo

Star Wars Balloon Tower DIY

Make balloon towers tall as a Wookiee! Bring the light and dark sides to the party with balloon towers! Just follow the simple Ho

Spring Tri Colored Candy Strawberries How To

Dipped strawberries with spring style! Strawberries dipped in three hues of Candy Melts® are as pretty as a spring flower garden

Spook Up Your Bar Cart for Halloween With This Guide

You love this Halloween take on the rustic trend. Serve drinks on the top shelf and trick out the bottom shelf with your fave sku

SpongeBob Form Cake How To

Invite SpongeBob in the form of a cake! Use some piping magic to create a cake Sandy and Patrick would eat up! It's a breeze with

SpongeBob Fondant Cake How To

Create a candy-tastic frosted cake! A candy-covered cake is oceans of fun to make! All you need is a few cake decorating essentia

Spiral Balloon Tower DIY

Learn the secret to creating a spiral balloon column without a stand or frame!

Spider Man Cake How To

An amazing web-slingin' Spider-Man cake! Your birthday hero and his buddies will dive into this adventurous cake creation! Make a

Something Dark in a Corner Idea

Your front room is said to be haunted... A spirit that can make you scream, a thing of darkness, a creature that waits patiently

Sofia the First Pretzel Pops How To

Create sweet-n-salty princess wands! Just as Sofia transformed from a commoner into a princess, you can transform a common pretze

Sofia the First Popcorn How To

Pink and purple make this snack pop! Dream castles have popcorn inside and lots of it! Give popcorn two coats of color that match

Sofia the First Marshmallow Pops How To

Have a ball with marshmallow pops! Create candy-coated marshmallows fit for a princess! They are easy to make - just dip marshmal

Sofia the First Heart Parfaits How To

Princess perfect parfaits! Adding some healthy treats to the party is the kind of wise decision Sofia is all about! Every girl wi

Sofia the First Fruit Flowers How To

Make fresh fruit Sofia snazzy! Sofia gives fruit a touch of princess personality! Cut watermelon in her favorite flower shape and

Sofia the First Cupcake Tower How To

Bake a castle of cupcakes! Girls will know it's going to be a day to dream about when Sofia greets them from across the room! You

Sofia the First Cookies How To

Sofia put a lot of heart into these cookies! It's Sofia's world, so the cookies must be iced in pastels and topped with pretty he

Sofia the First Cereal Bars How To

Nibble on VIP crispy rice treats! Easy treats, decorated Sofia-style, with Candy Melts® candy, sugar pearls and a Sofia the First

Sofia the First Cake How To

Royal ideas for decorating a Sofia cake! You want to make everything right for your royal party - and with this gorgeous Sofia bi

Snowman & Candy Cane Cookies for Santa Idea

Candy canes everyone will ♥ Candy cane cookies are sweet to look at and sweeter to eat! Be sure to leave a little note to Santa a

Snowflake Crispy Rice Cereal Cake How To

Dazzle them with a yummy crispy rice cake Make a delicious crispy rice cereal treat in a snowflake shape by cutting freehand, the

Slugger Cupcake Tower Idea

You’ll knock these out of the park! Fill a MLB cupcake stand with easy-to-make baseball cupcakes. Your guests will love something

Skeleton Makeup How To

Haunt with a bare bones look Scare up your Halloween costume with our haunting how-to guide. Get inspired to take your skeleton s