54 Halloween Treat Ideas

Halloween treats that are so cute, it's almost spooky! Check out our collection of bites inspired by All Hallows Eve to find fun themed cupcakes, dipped fruit, cake pops and more for your favorite goblins and ghouls. Nibble on this menu of sweets and get ghastly-good tips for presenting them at the Halloween party. Find your favorite recipes below, then serve them up on Halloween tableware!

Halloween Cake Pop Ideas

Is it just us, or do Halloween treats taste better on a stick? These sweets make for one-handed snacking, which is perfect for socializing at a Halloween party. Learn the secret to making traditional cake pops, dipped mini donuts and more.

Candy Corn Mini Donuts

Idea 1: Halloween Candy Corn Mini Donuts

Fall colors are showing up on treats as well as trees! Mini donuts on a stick take candy corn as inspiration for a Halloween goodie everyone will love. Bake them in the mini donut pan, then decorate them using colorful Candy Melts candy. First dip them in orange Candy Melts and let dry, then add white and yellow using candy decorating bags. Chill until firm. Dip treat stick into melted candy, insert into bottom of doughnut, then chill.

Monster eyeball cake pops

Idea 2: Monster Eyeball Cake Pops

Dip doughnut holes or baked cake batter balls in green candy melts. Add green sprinkles on top and an eyeball candy in the center to complete the monster eye. Stick a black and white straw in the middle of the cake pop and display them in a container for kiddos to grab and munch on. 

Bloody eyeball pops

Idea 3: Bloody Eyeball Pops

These will satiate your blood-thirsty guests! Just dip cookies in Candy Melt and add "bloodshot" candy eyes. Creep over to the Eerie Eyeball Pops Tutorial to get the step-by-step tutorial from Wilton.

Friendly Monster Halloween Cake Pops

Idea 4: Wicked-Cute Halloween Cake Pops

Mummies and eyeballs and jack-o'-lanterns, oh my! To make this spookily scrumptious sampler of cake pops, dip your cooled batch of pops in Halloween-hued white, orange, and lime green Candy Melts. Drizzle buttercream icing "wraps" onto the green mummies and use black sparkle gel for the eyes. For the jack-o'-lantern faces, use edible markers on the orange cake pops, with little dots of green gel for the stem. Use red, black and green sparkle gels to make bloodshot eyeballs. Display in a container of orange Sixlets®.

Cake pops decorated like eyeballs

Idea 5: Creepy Eyeball Doughnut Pops

Everyone will be eyeing these yummy dessert pops! These creepy peepers will win any scaring contest this Halloween, but they're so easy you won't be scared to make them. Just use your favorite doughnut holes and Candy Melts® candy for dipping and decorating. See all the steps with our Scary Eyeball Pops tutorial.

White cake pops with black and orange sprinkles

Idea 6: Easy Halloween Cake Pops

Give those store-bought doughnut holes a dip in Candy Melts® candy, and add color and fun with Halloween sprinkles. We create a boo-ful "bouquet" by standing them up in a container of orange jelly beans!

White cake pops with ghost face details

Idea 7: Scary Ghoul Doughnut Pops 

Practice paranormal snacktivity with these fiendish bites! Create a spooky scene with a gang of ghostly treats dipped and decorated with Candy Melts® candy. Doughnut holes on lollipop sticks are fun to eat and easy to display at the party. Just stick them in container of black candy and let everyone grab their own treat.

Friendly Bat Doughnut Pops How To

Idea 8: Sink Your Fangs Into Bat Pops

Your favorite trick-or-treaters will go batty over these eerie-n-cheery cake pops! They're super easy to make, using doughnut holes and Candy Melts® candy.

Halloween Candy Ideas

It's Halloween, so everyone has candy on the brain. Your friends will have access to their kids' trick-or-treat candy stash, so you'll have to get creative for your candy display to shine. Keep reading for sweet ideas!

Bowl filled with Halloween candy and treats

Idea 9: Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board

This sweet candy display has something for everybody. Use a large platter or bowl as the foundation and pile on your favorite Halloween candy and snacks. 

Ghost Lollipops

Idea 10: Ghost Lollipops

Turn an average lollipop into a spooky treat. Start by cutting squares of white tissue paper. Using a black markers, draw two black dots for eyes and one black dot for the mouth. Place the tissue paper on top of the lollipop and use twist ties to secure the tissue paper to the lollipop stick.  

Spider lollipops

Idea 11: Creepy Crawly Lollipops

Turn your lollipop into a spider on the run. Wrap chenille pipe cleaners around the lollipop stick and bend the ends to create the legs. Glue two small googly eyes and you've got a creepy crawly candy treat. 


Idea 12: Candy Buffet Skeleton

Candy takes center stage on the spookiest night of the year, so here’s how to make it frightfully fun: on your party food table, lay out a skeleton prop containing a smorgasbord of sweets ready for the taking. For a playful bone-chilling effect, adorn it with creepy confectioneries: think gummy candies in the shape of worms, bugs, eyeballs and brains.

Friendly Gumball Eyeball Cauldron Idea

Idea 13: Serve up This Witchy Brew of Eyeball Stew

Wow the li'l monsters at your Halloween get-together with ghoulishly great treats and candy! Cooking up a spooky serving of "eyeball soup" is easy with a plastic cauldron full of gumballs in happy Halloween hues, with pupils drawn on using food-safe markers! Make a fun label with a silly skeleton and a favor sticker, and have a candy scoop on hand for little ghouls to grab gumballs for their treat bags. Get more Halloween candy and dessert ideas to make them howl.

Friendly Jack-o'-Lantern Candy Display Idea

Idea 14: A Wacky Pumpkin Makes a Fun Candy Display!

Forget a boring plate – let your pumpkin lend a hand (or a head!) to display candy kabobs. Make a no-carve jack-o'-lantern with pumpkin decals and googly-eye glasses. Then stick lollipops and bamboo skewers of power belts and gummy fruit slices into the pumpkin for a spooky-sweet hairdo! Kids can grab the ka-boos from the pumpkin head as they explore the treats table.

Friendly Bowl of Candy Monster Idea

Idea 15: Craft a Kooky Candy Monster Face

Why be normal? Mini candy bars in a bowl are perfectly fine for answering the trick-or-treat doorbell … but on your Halloween party treats table, a little imagination and a couple of ping pong eyeballs go a long way! We combined them with gumballs and candy sticks in Halloween colors to make a monster who looks like he's seen a ghost!

Halloween Crispy Rice Treat Ideas

Who knew there were so many ways to spookify crispy rice treats? You'll want to buy extra boxes of cereal and ALL the marshmallows, because these ideas are so cute you may need to make them all.

Crispy rice treats decorated like Frankenstein's monster

Idea 16: Frankenstein's Monster Crispy Treats

Bring these monster munchies to life in your kitchen lab! After your little trick-or-treaters return from trolling the neighborhood for candy, send them to your kitchen to concoct a sweet creation of their own! These monster munchies are easy to bring to life using your favorite crispy rice treat recipe infused with a shock of Halloween decorating. Read our Monster Munchies How-To (AKA our “lab notes”) on how to make these monster munchies for your kids Halloween dinner party.

Halloween themed crispy rice treats

Idea 17: Easy Halloween Crispy Rice Treats

These frightfully adorable snack bars are eerie, easy and delicious! Decorate a batch of crispy rice squares in green and purple candy stripes with jack-o'-lantern icing decorations for the perfect Halloween treat. Get all the steps with our Jack o'Lantern Crispy Rice Bars tutorial!

Friendly Candy Corn Crispy Rice Treat How To

Idea 18: Candy Corn Crispy Treats

These corny treats are a Halloween fave! Conjure up a sweet treat to sink your fangs into! Get your boos and ghouls to help decorate these candy-corn-shaped crispy rice treats using white, orange and yellow Candy Melts® candy. Read our Candy Corn Crispy Treats how-to for details!

Halloween Cake Ideas

From Halloween pinata cupcakes to layered ghost cakes, we have so many exciting ways to serve cake this October! Whether you're throwing a Halloween birthday party or just love cake, these ideas will spook and delight.

Purple cupcakes with green chocolate webs

Idea 19: Spider Web Cupcakes

These vivid candy spider webs are piped freehand using Wilton Vibrant Green Candy Melts candy. Use them to top cupcakes or add to the sides of a buttercream-iced cake. Either dessert is perfect for your Halloween party!

Slashed Bloody Cheesecake Idea

Idea 20: Learn the Trick to This Easy Blood-Dripped Cheesecake

You can make this scary-cool cake on the cheap with a store-bought cheesecake and a few edible extras. Press the sugar knife into the center and pool red glitter decorating gel at the back of the knife. Draw lines of blood oozing down the side of the cheesecake, squeezing a little harder at the end to create a droplet.

Pumpkin cake

Idea 21: Jack o' Lantern Candy Cake

Ghouls and boys will love carving into this cheery pumpkin cake! Give the jack-o'-lantern dimension with icing stripes and candy eyes, nose, mouth and stem. We've carved out all the details in our Jack o'Lantern Cake Tutorial.

Chocolate cupcakes with candy in center

Idea 22: Halloween Surprise Cupcakes

Your little boo crew will be in for a delight after biting into these surprise cupcakes. Also called pinata cupcakes, surprise cupcakes contain a delightfully unexpected filling like candies or Halloween sprinkles. Here’s another surprise—they’re so easy to create: after the cupcakes cool down from baking, use a small spoon to scoop out a hole in the center. Fill the opening with candy corn M&M's or other small candies and cover it with the carved-out cupcake piece and a layer of icing.

White cake with BOO cake topper

Idea 23: Simply Stylish Halloween Cake

Design a cake that screams style! If you have a hang-up about Halloween decorating, this is the cake for you! Make this easy cake by following our Modern Halloween Polka Dot Cake How To.


Idea 24: Spooky Cute Cake

How spooky-cute is this cake? As a decor and a dessert, cake can step up the spook in a deliciously delightful way. That’s what this Halloween cake idea does best. The chocolate frosting and a simple arrangement of seasonal sweets—candy corn, gummy worms and ghost-shaped marshmallows—make this Halloween cake idea a sweet win.

Yellow cupcakes with ghost icing decorations

Idea 25: Easy Ghost Cupcakes

It's spooky how fast you can put together a kids' Halloween party, complete with decorated cupcakes! Just add a simple icing swirl to your baked cupcakes, then add candy accents and place on a colorful treat stand. Get instructions and shop what you'll need with our Friendly Ghost Cupcakes How-to.

Colorful monster cupcakes

Idea 26: Monster Mouthful Cupcakes

Mischief-makers find it hard to scream on Halloween when you stuff their faces with treats! The cupcake creatures are colorfully decorated with Wilton Icing Pouches and topped with Large Candy Eyeballs. To get the steps in detail, see our Wilton Halloween Treat Recipes.


Idea 27: Spellbindingly Sweet Cake

Is it really Halloween until you watch Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas at least once? You don't have to throw an entire Nightmare Before Christmas party, but you should definitely bake this cake inspired by Spiral Hill, Halloween Town's iconic landmark. After coating your cake in a white buttercream frosting, create the hill by pipping it with small icing tips, which are great for creating stripes, dots and other little details.

Sugar skull shaped cake

Idea 28: Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Cake

This ghoulishly good cake is a colorful addition to the altar! A skull cake pan makes the baking easy so you can have more time for the fun part: decorating! Check out our Sugar Skull Cake Tutorial to see how we did it.

Friendly Gumball Spider Cupcake How To

Idea 29: Easy & Adorable Spider Cupcakes

Turn spooky spiders into tasty treats! Spray your frosted cupcakes with purple and green food color mist, then use gumballs and Sixlets® to make spider bodies on top. Licorice strings or thin rolls of black fondant make excellent spider legs, with black sparkle gel for eyes – yum! Creating these sweet spiders makes a fun party activity for the boys and ghouls!

Cupcakes with candy skull decorations

Idea 30: Sugar Skull Cupcakes

Make mini "sugar skulls" with a candy mold and give them a ghoulish look with skeleton baking cups. Read our step-by-step Candy Skull Cupcake How-to to make these drop-dead delicious cupcakes!

Halloween Dipped Pretzel Ideas

Sweet and salty is always a popular combo, so we came up with a cauldron's worth of decorating ideas for dipped pretzels that fit perfectly on a Halloween party table. Just dip, decorate, and you're done!

Spider web pretzel

Idea 31: Spider Web Dipped Pretzels

This is a web you wouldn't mind getting caught...eating! Using pretzels sticks and white candy melts, this treat is the perfect combo of savory and sweet. 

Friendly Candy Dipped Pumpkin Pretzel & Cookies How To

Idea 32: Pumpkin Face Dipped Pretzels

Make these faces this Halloween and you'll see smiles all around! They're easy as can be — just give your favorite sandwich cookies or pretzel twists a dip in orange Candy Melts® candy, then add the candy details.

Black and Orange Striped Pretzels

Idea 33: Black and Orange Striped Pretzels

Pretzel sticks drizzled in melted candy are a tasty treat and you can make them in any party colors. Get detailed instructions with step-by-step-photos in our Halloween Striped Pretzels tutorial!

Friendly Candy Owl Pretzel Twists How To

Idea 34: Spooky Owl Dipped Pretzels

Whoo-whoo wants a bite? Halloween is a real hoot when you bring these easy treats to the party! Just give pretzel twists a dip in melted Candy Melts® candy, and then add fun features using Tootsie Roll® Midgees® candy, Starburst® Fruit Chews candy, Laffy Taffy® candy and Wilton Candy Eyeballs.

Pretzels decorated in Halloween colors

Idea 35: White Chocolate Halloween Pretzels

Cut through the fog on Halloween night with these glowingly good candy-dipped pretzels! That extra splash of color is easy to create using Candy Melts® candy and colorful sprinkles.

White pretzels decorated like ghosts

Idea 36: Shrieking Ghost Pretzels

Make 'em shriek for these spooky skeleton pretzels! Melt white Candy Melts candy in microwave-safe bowl according to package directions. Use fork to dip the pretzels in melted white candy. Tap to smooth and remove excess candy. Place on waxed paper-covered cookie sheet. Chill until firm, about 10 to 15 minutes. Melt black Candy Melts candy in disposable decorating bag according to package directions. Cut small point off of bag. Use melted black candy to fill in pretzel openings. Chill until firm, about 10 to 15 minutes.Use melted black candy to attach candy eyeballs.

Red and white drizzled candy pretzels

Idea 37: Bloody Bone Candy Pretzels

Vampires, zombies and mortals alike will devour this tasty sweet-and-salty treat. Creep over to the Bloody Good Candy Pretzels How-To for instructions. Eeeeeek!

Friendly Ghost and Frankenstein Pretzel Pops How To

Idea 38: Frankenstein's Monster and Ghost Pretzel Rods

It's amazing the fun you can scare up with pretzels, Candy Melts® candy and Wilton Candy Eyeballs! Watch the kids' eyes go wide when they see these treats this Halloween.

Halloween Peanut Butter Treats

What a simple and adorable treat! Use Candy Melts to transform peanut butter sandwich cookies into Halloween snacks. If you're making treats for a Halloween class party, make sure to ask about food allergies before serving your peanutty creations.

Friendly Owl, Ghost & Bat Cookie Display Idea

Idea 39: Bat, Ghost and Owl Snacks

Make your little monsters squeal with delight over a tray of happy Halloween treats! Their favorite peanut butter sandwich cookies are dipped in melted Candy Melts® candy, with fun candy details like Tootsie Roll® bat wings! 

Orange and black and white decorated peanut cookies

Idea 40: Chevron-Striped Halloween Cookies

Hard to believe that a treat so easy can make a Halloween celebration so much sweeter! Dip your favorite peanut butter sandwich cookies in melted Candy Melts® candy, then decorate with a cool chevron candy design.

Peanut butter cookies dipped and decorated like ghosts

Idea 41: Dipped Peanut Butter Skull Cookies

Let's put our heads together to make a can't-miss goodie for your Halloween celebration! Use your favorite peanut butter sandwich cookies dipped and decorated with Candy Melts® candy to make these goofy guys. They look yummy in a container of red jelly beans!

Halloween Dipped Fruit Ideas

We've all heard of caramel apples during the fall and Halloween season...but why stop there? Dip and decorate to turn your favorite fruit into delectable Halloween treats!

Apple slices dipped and decorated in orange and white Candy Melts

Idea 42: Cute Dipped Halloween Apple Slices

An apple a day keeps the witches away! With their Candy Melts® candy coating and fun piped patterns, our apple slices are an easy sweet treat for all ages. See how we made them with our Halloween Chevron and Dot Apple Slices tutorial.

Black candy apples with bloody red drizzle

Idea 43: Bloody Good Candy Apples

Dip apples in black Candy Melt then create a chilling (and realistic) effect with "blood" drips made from shiny red icing gel. Sink your fangs into this to-die-for Bloody Candy Apples How-To for the tutorial. 

Strawberries dipped and decorated like ghosts

Idea 44: Ghostly Dipped Strawberries

Something has scared these strawberry spirits! With mouths wide open and leaves standing on end, they're sure to bring smiles to your Halloween crowd. Dip and decorate them in minutes with White Candy Melts® candy and display on a spooky tray.

Strawberries decorated like mummies

Idea 45: Yummy Mummy Dipped Strawberries

It's a wrap — the costume contest winner goes to this mummy treat! These White Candy Melts® candy-covered strawberries will look simply adorable served on a decorative black charger among the Halloween desserts. Melt white Candy Melts candy in microwave-safe bowl according to package directions. Dip strawberries in melted white candy. Place on waxed paper-covered cookie sheet. Chill until firm, about 10 to 15 minutes. Transfer remaining melted white candy to disposable decorating bag. Use melted white candy to drizzle lines on mummy for wrap. Chill until firm, about 3 to 5 minutes. Use melted white candy to attach eyeballs to strawberries. Chill until firm, about 3 to 5 minutes.

Strawberries decorated like witch faces

Idea 46: Scary Witch Covered Strawberries 

Add a fun and spooky touch to your Halloween party by serving these enchanting candy-coated strawberry witches! Dip fresh strawberries in Vibrant Green Candy Melts® candy to create a treat your party guests will love. Read detailed steps in our Scary Witch Strawberries How-to.

More Halloween Treat Ideas

Oreo cookies decorated as spiders

Idea 47: Oreo Cookie Spiders

This is a spooky Halloween treat that the kids will love to eat and make! Grab as many Oreos out as you plan to make, then break the pretzel sticks in half.  Put two little dots on the top of the Oreo with the Wilton White Icing Pouch with Tips as a base for the eyes. Stick the Wilton Flat Candy Eyeballs on the icing and you’re all done!

Round cookies decorated like wounded skin

Idea 48: Bloody Scar Cookies

Gross out guests with scar tissue cookies that are sure to leave a mark! Do you dare take a bite of these edible flesh wounds? Read more in our Disgusting Scar Cookies How-to.

Pumpkin whoopie pie

Idea 49: Pumpkin Whoopie Pies 

This seasonal twist on a classic treat will satisfy your fall flavor infatuation with soft, cakey pumpkin cookies and a creamy middle. Read our Pumpkin Whoopie Pies recipe and your Halloween party guests will whoop with approval!

Edible purple witch hats

Idea 50: Sugar Cone Witch Hats

Whip up adorably spooky no-bake witch's hats! Sugar cookies and ice cream cones dipped in a cauldron of Candy Melts® make these cute concoctions the perfect treat for little monsters and witches.

Brownies decorated with chain link design

Idea 51: Rattling Chain Brownies

These "chain" icing brownies are straight from the dungeon! Follow the Chain Rattling Brownies How-To to make these sinister sweets.

Orange and black marshmallow pops

Idea 52: Halloween Marshmallow Pops

Give marshmallows a makeover for Halloween! First, give them a coat of color with Orange Color Mist® food color spray. Then drizzle them with a web of Wilton Candy Melts® candy and stand them up in a container of black candy for a treat that will make your guests go batty! Read the Halloween Marshmallow Pops how-to for detailed instructions.

Blood Dripped Truffles Idea

Idea 53: Bloody Axe Truffles

Whether you have a favorite no-bake truffle recipe or grab some Lindor Truffles from the candy aisle, this is a super easy way to make them memorable. Use a butter knife to make a shallow indentation at the top of the truffle, then press in a tiny sugar deco axe. Don’t stress if the shell breaks a little, just cover up any mistakes with a healthy dose of glitter red decorating gel as blood.

Killer Mini Pies Idea

Idea 54: Transform Elegant Treats With Blood Spatters

If you have a favorite treat you love to bring to parties, make it stand out by adding a touch of the macabre. We found mini key lime pies at a local bakery, popped blood-red raspberries on top and slipped them into bloody baking cups.

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