8 You've Been Booed Gift Ideas

The ghosts are out and they are boo-ing neighbors everywhere. Booing and Ghosting is a growing activity that allows Boo-ers to share the fun and excitement of Halloween with your neighbors. Typically Ghosting and Booing begins the first or second week of October but you can do it whenever the spirit overtakes you. It’s easy and gives your family an activity that brings joy to others. 

The idea is that you leave your mark on a neighbor’s lawn or front doorstep with either a treat or Halloween decorations, and a note that says, “You’ve been BOOed.” Moving through the neighborhood, everyone will be guessing who is the ghost? Here’s some ideas to get you on your way to becoming a professional BOO-er. Save some time and shop premade spooky baskets complete with everything you need for a boo-tiful gift. 

Detail scary hand treat glove full of treats

Idea 1: Scary Hand Treats

A friendly scary hand of candy treats is a fast and easy Boo treat. Just fill a surgical glove with your favorite candies, tie off the opening with a bow and attached your note.  

Detail clear bag full of popcorn tied with black ribbon

Idea 2: Popcorn Boo Bags

Make your BOO treats pop with this idea. Simply fill bags with popcorn and tie off with a bow and note. Kids will have enjoy giving their boo bags personality with scary and funny faces. Pick up party bags of any size and ribbon to tie them off for a festival look.

Detail of a small black bucket with googly eyes and "Boo" painted on it and a black and white ribbon on top

Idea 3: Cookie Boo Buckets

Boo treats can be made with just about any kind of container. Try filling a plastic bucket with homemade cookies for a delicious surprise. Add decorations to the outside to make it something that can be used over and over again.

Detail of orange bucket full of candy with a "You've Been Boo-ed" label attached

Idea 4: Candy Boo Buckets

Take the fun of BOOing to the office by creating desk side boo treats. Fill a small bucket with candy and top is with a seasonal bow. Your office mates will be wondering who the creative ghost is in their midst. 

Detail of glass jar full of candy with a "Boo" label attached

Idea 5: Ghost Snack Mix

What do Ghosts snack on? Well, whatever you want to mix together in a Halloween decorated candy container or jar. Seasonal candy, marshmallows or chocolates will make you the most SPOOK-actular ghost in the neighborhood. 

Clear treat bags filled with creepy crawly favors and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Idea 6: Creepy Hand Treat Bags

Take your booing up a notch with Creepy Hand Treat Bags! Fill hand-shaped treat bags with candy and add small Halloween toys for an extra surprise. Little ones will love playing with the toys while they figure out who the ghost is.  

Clear treat bags filled with creepy crawly favors and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Idea 7: You've Been Booed Gift Bag

Get the kids involved with ghosting by having them create boo gift bags for their friends. Fill trick-or-treat bags with fun toys like glow sticks, silly putty, bounce balls, and don't forget the candy! Have your kids make hand-written notes to attach to the gifts and keep the recipient guessing who the ghost could be. 

Detail of skull and headstone halloween decoration

Idea 8: Spooky Decorations

Get the whole neighborhood in the spirit by leaving them the decorations they need to create a spooky yard. Tombstones, spider webbing and of course the witches cauldron holds it all together so you can drop and run! 

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