4th of July Party Decoration Ideas

by Jessica Roe

Each year we host a 4th of July party for our friends and family. It’s truly one of the parties I look forward to the most. This year our celebration is going to be a little different than our typical parties, but I still wanted to decorate for our family. And, I wanted to make fun party favors to drop off at our friends and families houses. I pulled out all of our red, white, and blue decorations and decorated our back deck for a party. Then, I gathered up some mini star piñatas and small treats to make the cutest 4th of July party favors ever! Party City's Patriotic party supplies makes decorating a breeze. 


Party Favor Supplies:

  • Mini Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Star Piñatas
  • Red, White, and Blue Candies
  • Red, White, and Blue Mini Bubbles
  • Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Confetti Party Poppers
  • Patriotic Treats
  • Clear Tape


Party Decorations:

  • Patriotic Hooray USA Table Sign
  • Small Flags
  • American Flag Metal Pail
  • Party Activities - Gliders, Party Poppers, Bubbles, Candies
  • Red, White, and Blue Balloons

Get Patriotic for your Picnic or BBQ

Step 1: Set-up a Patriotic Display

I used one of our American Flags as the backdrop for our party. Then, I added patriotic bunting to the counter of our party space. Next, I added a few crated with party activities and treats inside. 

Step 2: Chill Out with Festive Ice Cubes

Instead of using ice for our drinks, I filled red, white, and blue balloons with water and froze them over night. They were the perfect festive ice cubes for our celebration! 

Step 3: Festive Party Favors

The mini star piñatas were designed to be a small decoration, but, I used a small craft knife to cut a little opening flap on them.

1. I carefully cut three sides of a square on the bottom of the star.         

2. Then, I opened the flap and filled each star with small bottles of bubbles, candies, party poppers, and other patriotic treats and party favors.         

3. Finally, I closed the flap and added a small piece of clear tape to hold it closed.  

Step 4: Cake Time! 

No party is complete without cake. Use white frosting as a base, then add small American flags and red and blue berries. Now you have a tasty celebration treat! 

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