Flamingo Painting Party

by Vanessa Coppola

Pull out your paintbrushes, it's time for a flamingo-themed painting party! My secret for the perfect painting party, aside from a candy bar and fun decorations, is graphite paper. You can use it to trace an image onto canvas to make it easy for kids to paint.


  • Painting Supplies (Canvases, Easels, Paint, Brushes)
  • Paper Cups
  • Pink Paper Table Cover
  • Palm Leaf Cutouts
  • Flamingo Cup with Straw
  • Flamingo Plates
  • Flamingo Napkins
  • Flamingo LED Light
  • Pink Candy 


Step 1. Trace a flamingo image onto each paint canvas using a pencil and graphite paper. 

Step 2. Cover the party table with a tablecloth, preferably something you won’t mind getting paint on.

Step 3. Set up the easels and canvases with a disposable paper cup filled with water and brushes at each station. 

Step 4. Place a disposable plate and napkin in front of each easel. Place a dollop of each paint color on the plates.

Step 5. In the middle of the table, set up a candy bar with matching candies with the LED flamingo light. 

Step 6. Place the flamingo drink cups on the table, along with a savory snack (we opted for popcorn). 

Step 7. Start painting and enjoy the party! 

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