Elmo First Birthday Party Ideas

Elmo First Birthday Party Ideas

With so many bright colors and Sesame Street characters, an Elmo theme is perfect for a first birthday party. Keep reading for 7 simple and sweet ideas for cookies, Big Bird snacks, smash cake and easy decorations using banners, fluffies and balloons.

Elmo First Birthday Balloon Wall Idea

Idea 1: Elmo and Cookie Monster came to the party!

A simple banner and a mix of fun balloons can turn any space into an amazing party room. Choose an iconic Elmo face and mix in 3 stars, 2 round Elmo balloons and 4 round balloons in matching colors or polka dots. Tip: an electric or hand pump makes inflating balloons a breeze and speeds up the decorating process!

Elmo Party Plates Idea

Idea 2: Celebrate big with Elmo everything!

If your toddler loves watching Elmo’s World, this is a first birthday party theme that will keep the giggles coming. Mix and match plates, napkins, cups and decorations with Elmo’s adorable face, and get creative with solids in a fun accent color like turquoise or yellow.

Elmo First Birthday Cake Idea

Idea 3: This cake is bursting with energy just like your little one

This is a meaningful milestone so a special cake is appropriate. For a first birthday, you can do a small, smashable cake for the baby, stacked on top of a larger cake that can serve a gathering of friends and family. It’s the “big one”, so shout your pride with a statement candle like this red glittered number one.

Elmo Big Bird Seeds Idea

Idea 4: Serve a creative snack like Big Bird seeds!

This adorable treat idea is perfect for a First Birthday and comes together in just a few easy steps. Fill mini rainbow chevron treat cups with popcorn. Top with red, yellow and blue chocolate drops and line up your premade treats on a colorful tablecover.

Elmo First Birthday Cookies Idea

Idea 5: Colorful munchies for your Cookie Monsters!

Cookies are great to add color to your party and can be packed up as a take-home treat. Stack them on white platter to make the colors pop. You can order these from a bakery and pick up a day or two prior to the big day.

Elmo First Birthday Decorations Idea

Idea 6: Have fun with honeycombs, fans and fluffies!

Hang your first birthday fluffies and mix in fans, hanging swirls and colorful Elmo and Big Bird honeycombs. These work great over a table, in a hallway or mounted onto a wall. Give yourself plenty of time ahead of your party to craft!

Elmo One Balloon Idea

Idea 7: Make one-derful iconic balloon bouquets!

One of our top tips for decorating at a first birthday party is using number balloons. Use a printed Elmo balloon or a metallic in red or silver. Mix in your fave colorful latex balloons and tie it all to a balloon weight that’s easy to move around as you wish. Easy peasy!