23 Dr. Seuss Party Ideas

Your classroom looks humdrum. Your classroom needs pep. Change ho hum to awesome, just follow our steps! March 2nd marks the birthday of beloved author Dr. Seuss. To celebrate, many classrooms in the United States participate in school-wide reading events. Seuss-out your classroom and inspire a lifelong love of reading! Share stories together and enjoy high praise. Let’s boost your Seuss party in 23 ways!

Idea 1: These hats are classic and Seuss-tastic!

Tip your hat to one of Dr. Seuss’s most memorable characters at your reading party. Your students will instantly recognize the red and white stripes of their favorite cat’s hat! Depending on your classroom’s budget, choose between felt hats, headbands, or paper hats, all in Seuss-tastic red and white.

Idea 2: Serve a Pink Yink Drink

Fans of One Fish, Two Fish might remember our friend the Yink, who likes to wink and drink pink ink. We suggest skipping the ink and going for something a bit tastier for your reading party, like pink lemonade! For extra fun, serve in Dr. Seuss cups with striped straws.

Idea 3: DIY a Truffula forest!

Wrap pool noodles with strips of yellow duct tape to create Truffula trunks, then open fluffy decorations halfway and attach to wall. To create a fuller scene, cut out clouds from white paper. Your students will love hanging out with the Lorax in this forest of Truffula trees!

Idea 4: These silly hats are made to eat! Fruit parfaits are a special treat.

You can make these easy Cat in the Hat inspired parfaits with a few simple ingredients. Pick a tasty red fruit (strawberries, cherries, or raspberries will do!) and your favorite yogurt or whipped topping. Simply layer them in clear cups, and serve with a spoon.

Idea 5: Snack on fish in a dish!

Choose a container that looks like a fish bowl and fill with rainbow fish crackers. Serve ‘em up in paper treat cups for easy cleanup at the end of the day. For an extra dash of personality, tape a Dr. Seuss cutout to a striped paper straw and insert into the container. Your students will love this nod to Dr. Seuss’s One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

Idea 6: Serve “Truffula seeds”

Add strips of duct tape to your treat boxes to match the trunks of your Truffula tree decorations. These beautiful Lorax-inspired Truffula tree seeds are really Fruitfetti popcorn, a perfect Reading Party snack!

Idea 7: Easy cupcakes for Thing 1 to Thing 40!

Is it really a party if there isn’t cake? Bake or buy chocolate cupcakes in red paper wrappers, and decorate with thick white buttercream topped with blue frosting. Don’t be surprised if these are everyone’s favorite thing!

Idea 8: Welcome students with door decor!

Inspire your students with a special reading event door decoration! Hang door fringe in Thing-blue, and attach brightly colored Dr. Seuss cutouts with double-sided tape. Using a printer and construction paper, create a sign that lets everyone know your class thinks reading is the THING to do!

Idea 9: Inflate a wall of balloons to blow them all away!

Perfect for a library display or classroom photo op, this balloon wall will make a BIG impression. Use an air pump to inflate balloons in wild colors. Attach them to the wall using the sheet from a rainbow balloon backdrop kit, two additional balloon arch decorating strips and plastic wall hooks. To make a balloon swirl, wrap an uninflated twist balloon around a pole or broom before inflating with the air pump. Finish with a Cat in the Hat balloon: just what the doctor (Seuss) ordered!

Idea 10: Create a wacky, whimsical decoration!

This bright and silly decoration will delight your students, and is super easy to make! Attach a Dr. Seuss balloon to a balloon weight and place at the bottom of a Cat in the Hat top hat. To create a balloon swirl, wrap an uninflated twist balloon around a pole or broom, then inflate using a balloon pump. Once tied, position each balloon into the top hat and fill the empty space with bright blue paper shred.

Idea 11: Celebrate reading milestones with a special award!

Encourage students to read every day by setting reading goals and challenges! When a student reaches their goal, present them with a personalized certificate they can take home and show their parents.

Idea 12: Reward readers with Seuss-tastic favors!

Let students pick a prize to celebrate your day of reading. Fill colorful pails with favors that inspire creativity: silly kazoos, bookmarks, and pencils they can use to create their own Seuss-inspired stories.

Idea 13: Seuss-up your wardrobe!

Inspire your students to read by decking yourself out in your Seuss Day best. A special tie is a good start, but go all-out with striped suspenders and a Cat in the Hat top hat!

Idea 14: They’ll shine on spirit day as the Cat in the Hat!

If your little ones are participating in a Dr. Seuss week at school, they’ll have five days of themed outfits to plan! A Cat in the Hat costume will have them ready for reading adventures.

Idea 15: Easy outfits for Seuss Day!

Get your little readers ready for Dr. Seuss’s birthday by dressing them up as the blue-haired troublemakers from The Cat in the Hat. Pick up a Thing 1 and Thing 2 accessory kit, or add iron-on patches to a red shirt they already own. Finish their outfits with headboppers or sunglasses.

Idea 16: Curl up with a book in a Seuss reading nook

Create a space for little readers to enjoy long after your classroom’s reading event. Set up a bean bag or comfortable chair next to a bookcase stocked with Dr. Seuss and other children’s books. Hang fluffy decorations and paper fans, and display colorful cutouts and window clings.

Idea 17: Fill the walls with Dr. Seuss characters!

Transform your classroom with cutouts from your favorite Dr. Seuss books, from Hop on Pop to Green Eggs and Ham. Students will have fun spotting characters from their books all throughout the classroom.

Idea 18: Spruce up your view with window clings!

Between posters, charts and white boards, it can be tough to find a place to hang Dr. Seuss decorations. Window clings are a great solution for classrooms with no wall space to spare. Inspire your students to stick with reading!

Idea 19: Celebrate your book lovers with colorful balloons!

Balloons are an easy way to let your students know you’re celebrating! If your reading party is in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, make sure to include a bright and colorful balloon bouquet. Feature a Cat in the Hat balloon at the center to proclaim your love of reading.

Idea 20: Take a class picture

Whether your class is decked out from head to toe for spirit day or just rocking Cat in the Hat top hats, don’t forget to snap photos to commemorate the occasion. A Dr. Seuss party calls for your silliest faces!

Idea 21: A Seuss costume worthy of book week!

This simple and comfortable Cat in the Hat costume is perfect for teachers celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday or book week. The kids will love seeing their teacher all dressed up and ready for fun!

Idea 22: Easy Cat in the Hat costume

If your child wants a Cat in the Hat costume for reading week, pick one that’s comfy and cute. This costume consists of a headband, Dr. Seuss shirt and tutu, and can be worn over jeans or leggings. They’ll love looking super cute dressed as the Cat in the Hat!

Idea 23: Collect Dr. Seuss classics for a mini library

Encourage your students to read by frequently updating your reading area with new books. In the weeks leading up to Dr. Seuss events, offer a varied selection of Dr. Seuss classics so they’re ready for the celebrations. The colorful covers and fun stories will draw them right in!

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