Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Makeup How To

Sugar Skull Makeup for Men & Women

Bring your Day of the Dead costume to life with shriek-tastic sugar-skull makeup! A face of pale white is the perfect starting base for a spirited shift into the afterlife. We have two different takes on the sugar skull look, so make sure to keep reading!

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Makeup

Women's Sugar Skull Supplies:

  • Grease makeup in white and yellow
  • Makeup crayons in pink and black
  • Teal eyeshadow
  • Setting powder
  • Makeup sponges or brushes
  • False eyelashes
Draw two white circles

1) Draw two white circles

Use white grease paint, on a sponge or brush, to draw two large circles around your eyes. You're about to become muy bone-ita!

Apply white makeup

2) Apply white makeup

Use a sponge or brush to apply white makeup. We've found "grease" makeup works best for this look!

Fill in the eyes

3) Fill in the eyes

Using a fresh sponge or brush, color the eye area with marigold yellow. Leave the skin on your eyelids and a small area below your eyes bare for the next step.

Add eye detail

4) Add eye detail

Time to get drop-dead gorgeous! Use pink crayon, or makeup on a brush, to draw lines from your mouth to your ears. Use black crayon to layer black on the pink lines. Frame your eyes with pink spots. Apply pink to eyelids.

Add black details

5) Add black details

Using black eyeliner or black crayon, it's time to get creative! Create flower shapes around your eyes and add lines around your mouth to mimic a skeleton. Just one more step!

Finish the look!

6) Finish the look!

Add eyelashes and teal makeup on the space under your lower lash line and set the face with colorless setting powder (it will help the grease makeup stay all night long!). You're ready for your wig. Put on all of your accessories and touch up any makeup once that's done. What lovely bones!

MemsDay of the Dead Makeup

Men's Sugar Skull Supplies:

  • Day of the Dead makeup kit, or
  • White and black makeup crayons
  • White makeup
  • Black makeup

1) Step One

Clean skin. Use a white makeup crayon or white eyeliner to draw circles around eyes and a jagged tip for the nose.

2) Step Two

Smooth white makeup outside of these lines using a makeup sponge.

3) Step Three

Use black makeup on a brush or a black makeup crayon to color in the circles and tip of nose.

4) Step Four

Use stencils or freehand details for your sugar skull using black makeup or a makeup crayon. Get creative, and don’t forget your mustache!

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