Video: Build a Spooky Cute Balloon Garland

How to Build a Spooky Cute Balloon Garland

It’s not a party unless you have balloons. Airy accents make parties feel a bit more poppin’, and that’s exactly what a balloon garland will do for a kid-friendly Halloween party.

To create this balloon garland, attach different balloon sizes (ranging from 5-inch balloons to 12-inch balloons) to a balloon strip. Branch out from the holiday’s orange-and-black color scheme by adding balloons in bold colors like yellow, teal and purple. Accenting it with foil-shaped balloons like a friendly bat or skeleton also offer a new take on the balloon wall trend. Tape the strip against the wall at a sloping angle to create the arch effect. If you notice some empty spaces, fill in those areas with mini balloons to make the arch feel fuller. See these steps in action with our Build a Spooky Cute Balloon Garland video, then shop all balloons!

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