Bridal Wedding Bells Decoration How To

A little DIY gives the traditional wedding bells a new spin!

Something old, something new, some wedding bells, and some blue! With just a few simple party decorations, you can easily whip up a lavish piece of statement decor. Take a peek at the step-by-step below to see how easy it is to create this too-cute decoration.



  • 2 pink paper garlands
  • 1 pink fluffy decoration
  • 1 robin's egg blue fluffy decoration
  • 1 robin's egg blue fluffy garland
  • 1 large honeycomb wedding bell
  • 2 small honeycomb wedding bells
  • 2 mini honeycomb wedding bells
  • Push pins

1) Hang a paper garland

Start by creating a "steeple" with two pink paper garlands. Select the middle point of each garland, and secure that point to the ceiling with push pins. Then take the ends of the garlands and position them at equal distances from the center and each other. Don't pull too tight; you want the garland to have some swag.

2) Add fluffy decorations and small honeycomb accents

Where the garlands meet in the center, hang 1 fluffy pink and 1 blue fluffy decoration from their attached strings along with 2 medium honeycomb wedding bells. Position the pink fluffy to hang a bit lower than the robin's egg blue. Place the two medium honeycomb wedding bells on the sides of the fluffy decorations. Secure them into the ceiling with a push pin.

3) Add height and variety

Build upon the base by using 1 pink paper lantern, 2 small honeycomb wedding bells, and 1 small robin's egg fluffy from the garland. Arrange the items so they look like they're cascading down. Then make to fill in the space around it to make the entire decoration look full. Dangle 1 large honeycomb wedding bell so it hangs in the lowest position below the other decorations.

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