Balloon Arches Made Easy

 Add surprise and whimsy to your celebration with an arch that inspires guests to share on Instagram and rave about in person.Transform any entryway, party table, bar set-up, or other space into a bold statement and photo opportunity with a balloon arch!

Mix various sizes, materials and colors to create a customized design. Constructing an impressive balloon arch used to be a complicated endeavor only professionals could master—but balloon arch kits make it simple for first-timers to achieve pro results. Check out these five balloon arches to get your party planning wheels turning!

multi colored balloon arch with different sized latex balloons in red, yellow and blue.

Assorted sizes balloon arch

An assortment of giant, regular and mini latex balloons in bold colors makes this balloon arch a crowd-pleasing favorite at any celebration. Use a balloon arch kit to make constructing an arch showcasing up to 96 balloons! Follow the DIY instructions to create this fun decoration without a lot of fuss! 

Two dogs under a rainbow balloon arch with white cloud balloons on the ends

Over the rainbow balloon arch 

Take your party style over the rainbow with this balloon arch using bright and pastel latex balloons for the rainbow and white latex balloons at the base to create the clouds. Rainbows are a sign of good luck, hope and happiness. They make your party photos look good and your guests feel great! Having a rainbow party? 

Black, silver, and gold balloon arch

Classy black, silver, and gold arch

Go chic with your New Year's Eve, birthday or graduation celebration with this elegant color scheme. A balloon arch kit makes it easy to create this stylish DIY. It’s perfect as a photo wall backdrop, doorway decor, or for decorating a bar or buffet area. Get all the panache at a fraction of the cost when you construct it at home! 

Kits make balloon arches easy

The epic look of arches are hard to beat if you're going for that "wow" factor. But if you're looking for a more customizable approach that's a bit more scaled down, try a balloon garland.

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