Avengers Balloon Column How To

Pop up someone power-packed balloon towers!

Create an action-packed setting for your superheroes with a couple of balloon columns! You don't need super powers to create these superhero balloon towers – just a handful of balloons, ribbon and a balloon pump are all it takes.

Avengers Balloon Column



  • 8 blue latex balloons per tower
  • 8 white latex balloons
  • 8 red latex balloons
  • 1 Avengers balloon
  • Blue curling ribbon
  • Balloon pump
  • Scissors

1) Inflate balloons

Begin by inflating your first blue balloon. We recommend using a hand pump because you'll be inflating lots of balloons. (Helium is not recommended because the tower needs to stay grounded.) Knot the tail of the balloon after inflating.

2) Tie 2 balloons together

Inflate a second balloon and tie it onto the first to make a pair.

3) Tie pairs together

Repeat Steps 1 & 2 to make a second pair of balloons. Take the two pairs and cross them in the middle. Twist them together to make a cluster of four. Make sure the balloons in each layer are uniform in size so the column will look even.

4) Cut a strand of ribbon

Cut a long strand of ribbon that will connect the balloons together. (For our 6-layer tower, we needed 70in of ribbon.) Tie one end of the curling ribbon around the center of the first layer of balloons — this is the bottom of the tower.

5) Make more clusters

Make five more clusters of balloons, running the ribbon through the centers each time you stack one. Alternate between blue, white, and red-colored layers. Fit them snugly on top of each other and run the length of ribbon through the center. Almost done!

6) Add Avengers to the top

Inflate a helium Avengers foil balloon and affix it to the top of the tower with the extra bit of curling ribbon.

7) Create a scene!

Impress your superheroes even more by making more than one balloon column — just double the balloons from the supplies list and repeat the steps. Place these cool columns wherever you want to pump up the action! A couple around a Avengers scene setter sets the stage for awesome playtime fun!

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