Asylum Nurse Haunted House Idea

Time for your daily dose of terror!

Create a hospital scene so horrific, visitors might have a heart attack! But no worries, there's a spare close by. Start with an animatronic asylum nurse that lights up and talks; by the looks of her, she's seen some things during her career in the psych ward. When the doctor calls for assistance, make sure the nurse is ready with a tray of syringes, body parts, and organs. Add a light blue curtain to give off that creepy hospital room vibe. Top off the asylum look by squirting fake blood on… everything!



  • Pint of blood
  • Animatronic nurse
  • Metal platter
  • Syringes
  • Eyeballs, hands, organs
  • Light blue tablecover

1) Time for your medicine!

Fill syringes with fake blood or your favorite shooter for a fun drink idea. Fill up the tray with all the organs, body parts, and bones you like. Set it atop a nightstand and add fake blood liberally. (Keep fake blood away from drink shooters.)

2) Make tray of organs

Get creative with props and blood. Close off the "operating room" with two light blue table covers that can be easily attached to a curtain rod by punching holes in the plastic.

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