Disney Aladdin Party Ideas

Aladdin themed party table setting and aladdin themed party photo booth

Create an enchanted Disney Aladdin-themed celebration! Rich hues of teal, gold and purple, bejeweled table decor and an extravagant photo backdrop create a lush party look and lavish Instagram moments. Favors, games and costumes create party fun fit for royalty. In a few DIY steps, transform your party room into an Arabian kingdom! 

Fascinating flying favors

Two clotheslines with balloons and Aladdin themed party favor bags hanging from them.
Two young girls playing with Aladdin themed party favors

Carpets shouldn't have all the fun at your Aladdin birthday party. Set party favors flying too! A simple DIY adds eye-catching flair while increasing the fascination of favors.

1. Fill themed favor bags with party favors

2. Hang clothespin clip LED string lights or curling ribbon across the room.

3. Attach favor bags using curling ribbon or clothespin clips. 

4. Hang a second string of lights or curling ribbon and attach latex balloons in party colors for extra flair. 

Let your favors fly

Party host taking photo of young kids in front of a  flying magic carpet photo backdrop

DIY Magic Carpet Photo Booth

Take your photos on a magic carpet ride with this DIY photo booth backdrop. In five easy steps, recreate this iconic movie scene with your birthday guests as the stars! Bonus points if you also play the song "A Whole New World" during your party photo shoot. 

Lady hanging a sheet to a flat wall.

1. Hang a royal blue sheet or table cover on a flat wall using push pins, double-sided tape or hook and loop closure. This creates your night sky.

Lady attaching a floor rug to the wall.

2. Use a tapestry or rug to create your magic carpet. Attach so it hangs over the edge of your night sky. 

Lady tucking a pillow under a rug that is on the floor.

3. Place a pillow under your magic carpet to give it depth and create the illusion of a flying carpet. 

Lady attaching LED string lights to a blue sheet that is hanging off a flat wall.

4. Next, add a string of star LED lights to your night sky to create the effect of twinkling stars. 

Young girl in Princess Jasmine costume posing for a picture in front of a photo backdrop.

5. Lastly, add some latex balloons in your party colors as a finishing touch! 

The sky's the limit for amazing party photos

Table elaborately decorated in an Aladdin movie birthday party theme.

A party table fit for a princess

Capture the feel of Aladdin and Jasmine's enchanted Arabian homeland with these seven party table decorations. A few decoration ideas instantly transform any table into an elaborate setting impressive enough to host a royal feast.

1.  Magic lamps

2. Colorful cushions around the table (kids will love floor seating!)

3.  Jewels and coins

4.  Richly colored balloons

5.Themed plates, cups and napkin

6. Use a Super Aladdin Decorating Kit which includes all your tableware, party decorations, balloons, birthday banner, and more in one kit. It doesn't get any easier! 

7. Gold beads draped over candles

Set your royal birthday table

Young girl and young boy dressed as Princess Jasmine and Aladdin

Bring your Aladdin party to life with costumes

In costume, your party guests will get lost in the fantasy of the story they love and the characters they dream of being! This is the best way to let your guests star in their own live-action Aladdin movie. 

Bring the magic of Aladdin into your living room! 

Young girl in Princess Jasmine costume showing off a handful of colored jewels.

Cave of Wonders treasure hunt

Have a treasure hunt for gold coins and jewels to recall the fabled riches of the Cave of Wonders. Your party treasure hunters can trade in coins and jewels for gifts and favors! 

Be the genie of the party & Grant three wishes

Three brightly colored birthday cakes with numbered cake toppers.
A lady and several young kids gathered around a party table as the birthday girl blows out candles on her three birthday cakes.

As the party genie, present three cakes to equal three birthday wishes. Decorate each cake in themed colors of teal, purple and gold and place them on metallic gold serving platters.  Add colored jewels and metallic gold decorations to theme your cakes right out of the Arabian city of Agrabah. Top off each cake with a glittering gold number to represent each wish: 1,2, and 3. When your birthday princess blows out the candles on each cake, be sure to have her make a wish! 

Get your party genie on!

Lady and young kids seated on cushions around a birthday party table decorated in an Aladdin theme.

Let's Make Some Magic

Your child's wish for an unforgettable birthday is your command with these easy to follow Aladdin party ideas! Don't forget to share your enchanted photos with us at #PartyCity. 

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