15 Graduation Party Food Ideas

Your food table is often the first stop your party guests make when they arrive…and the first photo they upload to their Instagram. To kick your graduation party off with a bang, dazzle your guests with sweet treats and savory snacks that look almost too amazing to eat.  Spoiler alert: They taste as great as they look!

Make a fun feast of themed eats and serve them on themed Graduation Tableware to create picture-perfect party décor! When it comes to graduation party food, it's always OK to bite off more than you can chew! 

Tasty Trend Alert: Donut Letters

Have you heard? Donuts are the new cupcakes! Letter donuts are the hottest trend of them all. You dough-NOT need to find a specialty bakery and pay top dollar for these personalized treats. Follow our [link to donut letter how to] for the simple steps to make these at home

Cutesy Kindergarten Graduation

Your little one is ready to embark on a lifelong journey of learning. Celebrate this first educational milestone with a colorful candy buffet that will have your grad riding high (on a sugar high, that is!).

Shop candy by color to get your candy buffet off to a stylishly delicious start. To complete the look, follow up with other Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas. Now that's party planning genius! 

Colorful Popcorn Bar

Popcorn is the finger food that never fails to delight. Using food color mist, choose colors that match your party color scheme to add a pop of color and a burst of deliciousness to your party buffet!

Make your colored popcorn an edible centerpiece by placing popcorn in clear scalloped containers. Your treat now doubles as a party decoration!  Add a few candy scoops and your popcorn bar is ready for party time. 

Colored popcorn in clear containers on a table

Diploma Dogs

Nothing tastes as good as graduating feels…except these mini diploma dogs! Place mini hot dogs in buns and wrap them in white baking cups with red ribbon ties to look like your new grad's diploma. Arrange the dogs on a graduation-cap serving tray with mini clear cubes of condiments. Munching on these, your grad will feel like the top dog! 

Mini-hotdogs in buns wrapped in a red string and condiments in clear containers

Customize a Store-bought Cake

Your grad's hard work paid off! Now your work begins, to create an A+ party. Work smarter, not harder, by getting a store-bought cake and using

cake toppers to personalize it. For a cake that is as sweet as your scholar, and so on-theme it looks custom made for your graduation celebration, there's no easier way to save time and money. Now that's having your cake and eating it too!

Gold, white and black candy in clear containers on a table

Classy Candy Buffet

Your grad is moving on to new adventures--life is sweet! What better way to celebrate than with a stylish array in a candy buffet? Personalize your spread with your grad's favorites in colors matching your party decor.  Clear containers show off your taste in style…and in flavor!

Party Picks Trick

Sliced fruit in a clear cup with a plastic pick in the shape of a graduation cap

What simple trick turns finger foods into stylish munchies? Party picks! With one step, a graduation themed pick turns average bite-sized apps into the valedictorians of the party food table. Find more finger-licking Grad-themed Mini-Tasting Party Ideas

Mini burritos wrapped in green onion and finger sandwiches shaped like graduation hats
Pink and zebra striped graduation cap cupcakes

Pretty in Pink Grad Cap Cupcakes

Be the teacher's pet with these zebra grad hat cookie cupcakes. In a few simple steps you can make this dessert that will drive your grad wild! Follow the simple Pink and Zebra Grad Cap Cookie Cupcake Topper How To and tame this exotic treat! 

Mini Chicken and Waffles Appetizers in a Chafing Dish

Anytime is the right time for breakfast foods. Add delicious brunch favorites to your grad menu for a genius party win. Fluffy pancakes and plump berries alongside crispy chicken and waffles will make the party smell like heaven dipped in syrup! Your guests will rave when you serve up this breakfast of champions.

Hats Off Cookie Cupcakes

Be the teacher's pet with these zebra grad hat cookie cupcakes. In a few simple steps you can make this dessert that will drive your grad wild! Follow the simple Pink and Zebra Grad Cap Cookie Cupcake Topper How To and tame this exotic treat! 

Chalkboard Cookies

The chalkboard is the iconic symbol of school. So, what better way to celebrate your grad's educational achievement than with cookies that look like little chalkboards? You can personalize these treats to exactly what you want to say to your favorite scholar, which earns you an "A" in Party Planning Ideas!  Directions: 

1. Start with a star-shaped cookie cutter and your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Cut the cookie dough into stars and bake.

2. Use black royal icing to make an outline around your star cookie. Let dry until icing hardens.

3. Once your outline is set, fill it in with icing and let harden completely (overnight works best). 4. With a pointed brush and white food coloring, write your custom messages on the cookies. Have fun and be creative with the phrases you choose!

Chalkboard cookies with white lettering

Chalkboard Cake

Create a customizable chalkboard graduation cake that looks like it stepped out of the classroom and into the center of your party table! Get the look using fondant and food coloring.


1. Bake your grad's favorite flavor cake in a round pan. Stack multiple layers to get extra height.

2. Use a spatula to lightly ice your cake with buttercream icing, then cover your cake with white fondant. 3. Cut four strips of black fondant: two small, one medium, and one large. Wet the back of each strip with a damp brush and smooth each strip around the cake.

4. Dip a pointed brush into the white food coloring and use it as ink to paint your personalized message on the black fondant.

5. Finish up your fabulous centerpiece cake with a few final touches. Try adding candy, sprinkles or cake toppers to finish off with flair!


Chalkboard cake with white lettering on black fondant with silverware, cups and napkins

Bookworm Grad Cake

Surprise your bookworm graduate with a book they can sink their teeth into! Use your bookworm's school colors to create a custom dessert that really takes the cake!  This fancy fondant cake doubles as your table centerpiece (just remember to snap some pics before cutting into it). Enough hitting the books, now it's time to take a bite out of them!  

Commencement Cake Pops

Give your cake pops a graduation make over! Create smiling grad pops by dipping your cake pops in yellow Candy Melt. Once they dry, dip them in chocolate Candy Melt for the grad cap. Top with a square of candy bar and add a strip of yellow fondant (and a teensy fondant button). You have a delectable edible! Use a black icing tube to draw smiling faces. Then watch the smiles on your guests faces when they pop these cake pops into their mouths! 

With yummy food inspiration filling your head--and teasing your stomach--the next step is bringing these ideas to life. Shop Graduation Party Supplies to get started. Don't forget to tag us in your Instagram photos so you can inspire us back!