Peacock Feather Cuffs

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Add some flashy flair to your preening peacock costume with Peacock Feather Cuffs! These elegant cuffs feature authentic peacock feathers attached to a shiny, black ruched band. A hook-and-loop fastener lets adjust the sizing to fit the feather cuffs on your arms or ankles. Each cuff measures 6 1/2in long x 9in wide. One size Peacock Feather Cuffs fit most teens and adults.

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I don't need it anymore


My order was cancelled by Party City, i received several calls from the store that it was out of stock so i never got it, i was disappointed because on line it said it was available. So i purchased them in another Halloween shop.


Terribly made product. Feathers fell off within 30 minutes


Terribly made product. Feathers fell off within 30 minutes of wearing it. Not worth the price I paid for it.



Poor quality - though attractive


I no sooner took these out to try on than several feathers fell out. They matched a costume of mine well, but I had to do multiple reinforcements on my sewing machine for them even to be usable. I only said I would recommend them because, for those who are trying to save on making complete costumes, the accessories can be valuable - with sewing!



Peacock Feather Cuffs

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