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Are you waaayyy too into Halloween? You're in good company with this video from our friends at Disney's Babble.

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    Killer ideas for epic Halloween costumes!

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    Whether you and your friends are more into classic characters or all about trendy shows, slay your costume this year with these creative ideas for groups.

  • Top Women's Halloween Costume Ideas

    Red Queen, Mad Hatter and Witch Doctor lead the must-have looks this Halloween! Wouldn't be caught dead in anything but the hottest costume? Be inspired by our trending mix-and-mat

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    Top 10 girl's costume ideas for a unique look! Who are you gonna be?!

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    Sink your fangs in the 10 trending ideas for boys! Who are you gonna be?!

  • Transform Into a Voodoo Queen With This Makeup Tutorial

    You'll make them think you had the help of voodoo magic Cast a spell with a tribal makeup look to raise the dead! Follow our step by step guide to create a witch doctor makeup loo

  • Witch Doctor Makeup How To

    Call the spirits with a witch doctor disguise! Torment your enemies and call the spirits as a wicked witch doctor. Check out our makeup tutorial for step-by-step instructions on s

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    Vamp it up as a bloodthirsty beauty! Get your blood pumping with these step-by-step photos to create a dramatic vampiress look with special-effects costume makeup. Your fellow gho

  • Glamorous Vampire Makeup How To

    Create a dramatic vampiress look Want to be a vampiress this Halloween? Use Halloween makeup to take your vampire costume to a fang-tastic level! Note: some makeup products may ca

  • Gory Zombie Makeup How To

    Create a creep-tastic zombie look with bite! Raise the scare factor of your undead zombie look with special-effects makeup! Transform into a gruesome member of the walking dead wi

  • DIY Balloon Palm Trees How To

    They'll go wild for your DIY balloon palm trees! It's amazing how simple and fun these are to make. All it takes is a handful of balloons, a balloon pump and some curling ribbon.

  • Dory Scene Setter Decorating Idea

    Inspire your guppies to explore the sea floor! Start by hanging a Finding Dory scene setter, which makes a perfect backdrop for photos. Next, create a simple balloon bouquet by in

  • 12 Trunk-or-Treat Ideas That Rev up Halloween Fun

    Our decorating ideas make it easy to trick out your car for trunk-or-treat, a popular Halloween activity that puts a spin on the traditional fun of trick-or-treating.

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    These clever haunted scenes are just the trick for going “above and beyond” average with your Halloween haunted house decorations.

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