Native American Wig

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Tribal tresses of temptation! This Native American Wig completes your tribal princess look. Native American Wig features long, straight, thick black hair with a center part, braided accents, and embroidered hair ties with feathers and beaded trim. Wig cap recommended (sold separately). Native American Wig 100% synthetic fiber.

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never buying again


This product was not a good buy! For starters, the wig was expensive, I made a budget for myself for Halloween (120 dollars) because every year i'd spend more then i'm supposed to. I thought that that was a perfect amount, not to much not to little. This wig not only took 20 dollars away from my budget, but also, i couldn't wear it any where because when i got home and and took it out, a bunch of hair strands came out! There was huge bald spot! Also, it was ripped on the side. it was cheap material, but, it felt and looked authentic.



Native American Wig

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