Long Fingered Gloves

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These black Long Fingered Gloves will give you villain hands in an instant! These sleek poly-knit gloves have elongated, pointy fingertips to make your hands look sinisterly long and thin. These unique wrist-length gloves give an evil touch to any villain or villainess costume. Long Fingered Gloves fit most teens and adults.

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Just what I was looking for!


I picked these up for a Babadook costume and I love them! You may have to add a little extra stuffing to get the extensions to stay rigid. My hands are small and I have short fingers so I had to put in some extra to fill in and it worked perfectly.


Not what I expected


I expected something firmer in the fingers to maintain the points. Turns out it's just soft stuffing. More to the point, if your fingers aren't QUITE long enough, they may flop when you move your hands, which kind of detracts from the desired creepy effect. If you have the time and ability, I might recommend attaching extensions to your own gloves or even cutting these open and inserting some kind of rigid reinforcing card.

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Long Fingered Gloves

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