Latex Michael Myers Halloween II Mask

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Make the darkest night of the year even darker with our Michael Myers Mask from Halloween II. Replicated from the film with painstaking accuracy, this overhead latex Michael Myers Halloween II Mask features realistically sculpted facial features and attached auburn hair brushed back from the forehead. One size Halloween II Mask fits most teens and adults.

Officially licensed ©Universal Studios costume accessory.

WARNING: This product contains natural rubber latex and may cause allergic reaction in latex-sensitive individuals.

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Overall a nice version of the original


Trick or treat studios did a nice job with the overall sculpt and detail of this mask , anyone who is a fan of the original movies will be happy with this mask. I plan on using it as a display piece in my collection . I took advantage of the after Halloween sale and am VERY happy with this mask for the price.


Discolored Mask


I bought this Micheal Myers Halloween II mask on because they did not carry the item in their store. I thought I was getting the item pictured on their website, sku # 491735. As you can see in the picture I posted, the mask I received is not the same mask on their website. The mask I received is discolored around the neck, a dark, fleshy-like color. This color was also visible beneath where the hair is glued to the mask on the scalp. This could be some manufacturing flaw but all I know is the mask is un-wearable in this condition. Anyone who knows Micheal Myers knows the mask, scalp and all, is white. Just my luck I guess. Also, the mask seems to be sized for someone with a bit larger then normal head because it sits low on my face and "looks baggy and over-sized." I would recommend to anyone looking to purchase this mask to see if you can get it at a PartyCity store first, to ensure proper fit and product quality is attained. .



Latex Michael Myers Halloween II Mask

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