Last Laugh Motion Clown Mask

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Make the last laugh an especially nasty one! Last Laugh Clown Mask features an oversized animotion mouth that moves with your jaw, making this evil clown all the creepier and convincing! A pocked bony skull-like face with black makeup details, sunken eyes, exaggerated bone structure, and a deeply creased forehead all add to the sinister appeal. Two wild shocks black hair, sunken eyes, and shark-like teeth complete this full-head vinyl Clown Mask that's definitely not for the kiddies! One size Last Laugh Clown Mask fits most.

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Wouldnt really recommend


You need a huge head to be able to use it and even with the foam pads it's almost impossible to make the jaw open with your own jaw. Also there's no black fabric behind the teeth so you can literally see your whole mouth if it is open. And don't open the mouth too wide or it'll rip the corners of the mouth


Great idea. Hard to execute


Nice idea. Hard to execute. My head is small I guess. I had to use every foam block included to make this work.



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