Jake Fruit & Cheese Kabobs How To

Ahoy mateys! Skewers of fruit and cheese ahead!

Want more fruit and cheese options (and swordplay)? Go for skewers! Unsheathe Jake's Fruit & Cheese Kabobs How-To, round cutters and party picks for this swashbuckling snack. The skewers will keep your pirates fueled as they hunt for treasure. So on guard, ye barnacle buccaneers!



  • Cheddar cheese chunk
  • Grapes


  • Knife or cheese cutter
  • Round Double Cut-Outs Set (cut-out "D" used)
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates Fun Pix®

1) Cut cheese circles

Use knife or cheese cutter to cut cheese slices 1/2 in. thick. Use smooth side of round cut-out "D" to cut a cheese circle for each snack.

2) Assemble snacks

Insert pick through grape, and then through cheese circle.