Halloween Yard Decorations

Create the ultimate experience with Halloween yard & lawn decorations offering plenty of options for everyone.

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Halloween Yard Decorations for the Ultimate Outdoor Display

Lucky you, you live in one of these neighborhoods where everyone decorates to the hilt for Halloween. This makes the Halloween yard decorating a lot of fun, but it also creates a certain amount of pressure because if you live in the one house that's left behind in the friendly neighborhood competition, where the decorations are few, outdated, or simply not up to par, your house becomes the one house that everyone looks at for all the wrong reasons.

But that's the beauty of Halloween yard decorations. You can start out small, maybe with a few Halloween yards stakes and tombstones this year, and gradually expand your outdoor Halloween scene each successive year until it becomes the object of envy. A couple of animated props here, a few ghost lights there, a few more yard stakes along the driveway and walkway, and before you know it, your yard becomes the yard that all neighbors emulate.

You can take the yard up a notch by building around a Halloween theme. 

Popular Yard Decorating Themes

Halloween graveyard: The most popular and perhaps the easiest yard display to execute, all you need are a few affordable "aged" foam tombstones, stakes to partition off the "graves," and a few well-positioned skeletons. Animatronic bats and zombies can provide an accent and a fog machine can create the right misty ambiance.

Haunted house: Cobwebs, giant spiders, and animatronic door knockers and porch props set the foundation for this favorite Halloween yard theme. Add skeletons, strobe lights, foggers, gothic fencing, and other yard decorations as finishing touches.

Kid-friendly: Is Halloween just a little too scary for the tots? Then kid-friendly Halloween yard decorations may be your best option: smiling witches, friendly ghosts, and grinning mummies that hang from the eaves, and inflatable props that wave from the mailbox. Welcome guests with a custom jack- o'-lantern banner to announce the party.

Creepy carnival: It's a bad day for clowns, but a great day for the creepy carnival. Build out the creepy carnival theme with hanging circus decorations and banners, "tattered" keep out signs, stretch spider webs, "bloody" gauze, matching door decorations, and more.

Popular Types of Halloween Yard Decorations

Halloween animatronics: These superstars of the Halloween decoration set are motion-activated animated props that appear to lunge trick-or-treaters on your doorstep, or flail their limbs and flash their eyes from the bushes, or emit all those awful noises we associate with Halloween.

Skeletons & skulls: No graveyard scene is complete without the hanging Halloween skeletons, realistic human skulls, and skull-encrusted gothic fences that send shivers down the spines of guests who dare to pass by. These include life size skeleton props, animated skeleton props that play instruments for the dance of the dead, glow in the dark and light up lawn skeletons, and skulls that glow, talk, or simply serve cupcakes at the buffet.

Ground foggers: These specialized fog machines creates the dense, low-lying fog you see in the movies. Graveyard sets take on a whole new layer of fright when a ground fogger goes to work; picture the dense, eerie fog of a classic Hollywood horror film. 

Giant inflatable props: When you consider the dramatic effect of these luminous props create, it's almost surprising they're so easy to install. Simply anchor the prop somewhere on the porch or in the yard, plug the included miniature fan into an all-weather extension cord, and watch the prop come to life on its own, fully inflated! But these impressive yard decorations use so little electricity and are so inexpensive to operate, more likely than not you'll leave them up throughout the Halloween season.

Halloween tombstones: Halloween haunting begins when the graveyard comes to life! You can hang a few props from the porch and post a few signs in the yard, but only with the Halloween tombstones and cemetery decorations does your haunted house or reconstructed graveyard offer the right setting for your bigger investments, like the fog machines and animated props.

Halloween spiders & cobwebs: Ghastly oversize yard decorations are what people most enjoy — giant spider decorations with glowing red eyes and with bendable legs up to four feet across; giant spider webs strung from the eaves and staked to the lawn; remote controlled Halloween spiders that silently glide towards started trick-or-treaters; and life size hanging cocoon skeletons, "victims" of the busy spiders you've invited into your home or yard.