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Hop on the broom and shop our assortment of ready-to-wear witch costumes or witch dresses that you can add accessories to for a truly unique DIY witch Halloween costume – no spell required.

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Witch Costumes & Costume Ideas

The witching hour approaches! Grab your pointed hat and witch broom for a night of potions, spells, and Halloween hexes. Deciding which costume and accessories to conjure depends on your divination goals. Do you want to be a good or wicked witch? If you dare choose the dark arts, be sure to stock up on enough Eye of Newt to keep the cauldron bubbling. Regardless of your path, the essentials for all witchy women are a nerve-racking cackle, black dress, and shiny witch shoes. Black cats, pointy noses, and warts are all optional.

We have sexy witch costumes for the spell casters who plan to bewitch the mortals at the party, classic adult costumes with tattered dresses and pointy witch hats for the Halloween purists, and more colorful options for little witchlings, or women who'd hate to be mistaken as a wicked witch.

If you're looking for magical group costume ideas, dress everyone as a coven of witches, or transform the kids into your familiars with black cat, spider, or bat costumes. Double, double, Halloween trouble!

Classic Witch Halloween Costume

She should stir the cauldron and cackle while wearing this spirited costume, because she looks like she just flew a little witch broom straight off the silver screen! Classic Halloween characters are instantly recognizable and super fun! A pretty choker necklace, spider rings, or spooky Halloween tights would totally POP against the simplicity of the black dress and witch hat; this costume looks great on its own, or with her own unique touches added. She can even incorporate cool props like a witch broom, magic wand or a plush version of her favorite familiar, be it a cute black cat, slimy toad, or spooky owl.

Bright And Wacky Halloween Witch

All of the trendiest witches know that plain black dresses are so 17th century. Show them what fashion-forward conjurers are wearing this year with a rainbow of neon colors in polka dots and stripes. If she wants a witch hat for her outfit, make sure it's one with a polka-dotted hatband and big glittery bow.

Purposeful color-clashing assures this dress is absolutely spellbinding, so don't be surprised if they can't look away! The shiny waistband and pretty lace embellishments add a touch of glam while ensuring no one mistakes your little one for a wicked witch. Match their ensemble with a comfy pair of flats or a shiny pair of witch shoes. She'll be the cutest spell caster in your coven!

Witch Costumes For Little Charmers!

Although she just started dabbling in the dark arts, she's already a precocious young witch! Celebrate her potion prowess with a fancy witch costume and a cauldron full of fun accessories. The black dress and witch hat are trimmed in bright green, the same color as the frogs she uses to practice her spells. If she's having trouble with the tougher incantations in her spell book, lend her a hand by giving her extra props like a wand for casting, a witch broom for flying, or a new pair of buckled witch shoes, just to look extra magical while she practices. Before you know it, she'll have transformed into a full-fledged sorceress, so enjoy her magical mishaps while you can!

Sexy Witch Costumes Cast A Spell!

If you're looking to cast a love spell on a special someone, expect to bewitch in a sexy witch costume like this adult black magic dress. It's a little fun, a little flirty, and the oversized witch hat shows your powers of divination: you've seen the future, and the two of you are meant to be together!

Add a little extra magic to this costume with an elegant witch wand, fishnet stockings, and whichever shoes make you feel bold and ready to take charge. Here's the big secret: it's your confidence that makes that love spell work, no potions required. All you need is a smile and a sexy witch costume that makes you feel enchanting.

Witchy Women Love This Classic Look!

Casting spells and brewing up potions require a lot of movement, so pick a costume you'll enjoy your night in. This women's plus size costume, for example, is both comfortable and figure-flattering.

The tattered black dress is also the perfect staple for any witch Halloween costumes you might want to cook up. To make it extra bewitching, you could add a high fashion witch hat, hooded cape, bright striped stockings, or statement jewelry like a gothic choker or spider necklace.

If you prefer keeping things simple, opt for a classic witch hat or even a cute mini hat headband, and then choose an eye-catching prop like a witch broom or magic wand.

Be Bad In A Wicked Witch Dress

You say "wicked witch" like it's a bad thing! They say there's a little witchy magic in all women, so embrace the beauty of being just a little bit bad. The costume party won't know what hit them!

This sexy witch costume has a long slit at the knee for a flirtatious hint of skin, with eye-catching pops of purple on the belt and sleeves, plus an extra dash of color on the hatband of the pointy black witch hat. You can wear traditional witch shoes for a classic Halloween look, or choose a dramatic pair of pumps. After all, you have a witch broom to ride if your feet get tired.

In an outfit like this, you're sure to have everyone at your party under your spell!