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Pokemon Costumes & Costume Ideas

Calling all trainers! You've played the video games, you've collected their cards, you've watched the shows, and now you can become your favorite Pokemon with these costumes!

Do you want to catch 'em all? If so, you'll have to make a tough decision. Which Pokemon costume do you pick? Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Pikachu? As an expert Pokemon trainer you have to make these hard choices. They each have their merits and are all completely adorable. Pikachu is loyal and will do anything for you. Squirtle is a fearless baby blue turtle with a wild side. Bulbasaur is a cross between a plant and a dinosaur, how cool is that? Then we have Charmander, a Pokemon that evolves into a giant dragon! Whatever Pokemon costume you pick, just know that you'll have to defend your choice to others.

Like a Pokestop, we have plenty of Pokemon accessories for aspiring Pokemon trainers. Browse adult men's, adult women's, and kid's Pokemon costumes for the perfect cosplay outfit or Halloween costume.

I Choose You, Pikachu Costume!

The fan favorite Pokemon, Pikachu, has become an icon around the world. The character is cute, cuddly, and curious — just like your little one! Show off your child's electric personality in this Pikachu costume for boys. He won't waste any time putting on the yellow jumpsuit. It has an attached zigzag tail, just like Pikachu's from the show. Complete the costume with the Pikachu mask. This plastic mask features his classic rosy red cheeks and big black eyes. He'll have a blast dressing like Pikachu and casting spells like Thunderbolt and Tail Whip as he pretend fights with other Pokemon! This Pokemon outfit is great for Halloween or for a Pokemon birthday party.

The Hottest Pokemon Accessories

If your little one doesn't feel like committing to a full costume this year, this three-piece Charizard accessory kit is perfect! We've assembled the very best Pokemon accessories from the local Pokestop so you can create a great Pokemon Halloween costume without the hassle of a full body suit. Have your child put on the Charizard hat, the flaming tail, and the blue and orange wings to look just like Charizard! They'll let out a roar of happiness for this easy Pokemon kids costume, because less time getting dressed means more time trick-or-treating! TheseCharizard accessories are not only great for Halloween, but for birthday parties and playdates as well.

The Very Best Ash Costume

Fans of Pokemon TV show and movies will love this kids Pokemon costume — because it resembles Ash from the big screen! Details like the spiky hair flowing out of the mask, his blue outfit, and fingerless gloves will make your little one feel like a real Pokemon trainer! Put this Boy's Ash Costume on your child and take them out to Viridian forest to catch their favorite Pokemon, earn badges, and defeat other trainers! They'll have a blast dressing up like Ash on Halloween and trick-or-treating for rare candy, Poke balls, and potions — just keep a lookout for Team Rocket trying to sabotage everything!

A Shocking Outfit

She chooses you, Pikachu! Let your child dress up like their favorite Pokemon for Halloween, a birthday, or to just play around! This yellow Pikachu dress for kids has a large attached tail and lightning bolt details. To finish off the electrifying look, slip on the arm warmers, leg warmers, and the Pikachu hat. Among the Charmanders, Bulbasaurs, and Squirtles, she'll stand out in this bright yellow officially licensed Pokemon costume. Watch as she hops around and does her best Pikachu imitation for the camera. While she's in her Girls Pikachu Costume, the room will always be filled with electric joy and excitement!

Take A Peek At This Pikachu Costume

Everyone wants a Pikachu! From the yellow version video game to your first holographic Pokemon card, your little trainer loves having Pikachu around. Now, he can dress up like the little yellow electric mouse and make his own adventures. With the full yellow jumpsuit, attached tail, and Pikachu hat, your boy will be ready to leap out of the Pokeball to do battle against the fiercest of foes! With details like the red cheeks (where Pikachu stores electricity), the zigzag tail, and pointed ears, this Pikachu costume gives your child a realistic Pokemon look! He'll love zapping around the neighborhood on Halloween dressed as his favorite character.

Women's Pokeball Dress

You'll be capturing more than just Pokemon in this Pokeball Dress! Resembling the classic Pokeballs used in the show and trading cards, this cute red and white Pokemon dress is perfect for the casual Halloween party or cosplay event. Wearing this sleeveless dress, you can show your love for Pokemon in an easy and comfortable way — unless you prefer dancing and partying in a giant furry body suit. The high-low empire waist dress style will get compliments from fellow Pokemon trainers and attract all the cute Pokemon at the party — just add your favorite shoes and accessories! With this Pokemon dress, you'll have a ball… dressed like a Pokeball.