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  • Adult Hospital Honey Nurse Costume
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  • Adult Psychotic Bloody Nurse Costume Accessory Kit
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Doctor Costumes & Sexy Nurse Costumes: The Cure for the Halloween Blahs

It's a good time to be a guy in the medical profession, with so many sexy nurses on call! Of course, you don't have to be a guy to wear one of our gender-neutral doctor costumes — authentically-styled blue uniforms with shirt and pants, or lab coats with pockets for your sample pharmaceuticals and whatever else. There are even scaled-down doctor outfits for kids — small blue smocks and white coats, or complete doctor costumes with blue scrubs, a white medical coat, surgical cap, and stethoscope. The sexy nurse costumes, while less realistic, are a whole lot more fun, not just for the curvaceous women wearing the outfits but for all the men around. First and foremost, these nurse Halloween costumes are designed to evoke characters, and so they come accessorized with caps, stocking clips, and sometimes even a stethoscope to give you the look you see in the product photo. As for stockings, high heeled shoes, and anything else you may need to fulfill your very special medical mission, we offer those below the pic or in the Costume Accessories section of our web site. And so, with the purchase of a doctor or nurse ensemble, you've already earned your degree. Now open a practice to make your mom proud — or, in the case of hot nurses with a different goal in mind, to keep the patient coming back.