Greek Chest Plate with Cape

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Whether you're facing an army of 300 or 3,000, you will have nothing to fear in this Greek Chest Plate with Cape. The bronze Chest Plate features gold swirl designs and a faux steel look with sculpted chest and stomach muscles. A brilliant red cape is attached to give you the commanding look of a war general. Chest Plate measures 22in x 20in, and cape is 40 1/2in long. Standard size, one size fits most teens and adults.

Not suited for Teens


The description said would fit most teens and adults. The chest piece was way too big for my teen and he is average size. But it was a nice accessory.


Looks great but plastic is thin.


Way too big for our 12-year-old. Definitely made for an adult. Looks great but plastic is thin and flimsy.


Greek Chest Plate with Cape

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