Great States Board Game

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The Great States Board Game will test their knowledge about the USA and the USA map at the next family game night. See who knows what the capital of North Dakota is, or who knows how to spell Mississippi backwards, in this fun and silly family board game. Be the player with the most cards at the end to win! Suitable for 2 or more players. Ages 6 and up.

How to play:

  • Players take turns spinning and drawing the type of card the spinner lands on
  • Each player has to use the map to answer the question on the card before the 30-second timer goes off
  • If the player is correct before 30 seconds is up, they earn the card. If the player is incorrect or doesn't answer before the timer goes off, the card goes to the bottom of the pile and the player's turn is over
  • The game ends when one player gets to the number of cards the players agreed upon to win

Great States Board Game includes:

  • Board
  • Spinner
  • Timer
  • 400 cards
  • Instructions

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