Orange Graduation School Colors Autograph Memory Table Kit

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It may seem like just yesterday that they were learning to ride a bike and now they are graduating and headed on their next adventure. Make sure you give them great keepsakes that represent their school spirit while throwing them the best graduation party on the block! It's easy to create a memorable party with a few items in their school colors like a table decorating kit, autograph sign-in sheet for party guests, inspirational block sign, and a frame that may just turn that celebratory smile into embarrassment. Once the party is over, they will have memories to last a lifetime. After all their hard work in school, take a break and make the party planning easy with an Orange Graduation School Colors Autograph Memory Table Kit. Watching them grow up is hard, but party planning shouldn't have to be.
This kit includes:
1 Orange Graduation Table Decorating Kit (SKU 559515)
1 Then & Now Graduation Double Photo Frame (SKU 559553)
1 Orange Graduation Sign-In Sheet (SKU 739917)
1 Adventure Begins Graduation Block Sign (SKU 779923)