Gouged Flesh Prosthetics

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Our Gouged Prosthetics only look painful! Created by Hollywood make-up artists, these latex-free special FX are not only convincing, but are also easy to apply; you're a dab of water and 30 seconds away from movie-quality special effects — no need for Spirit Gum. Enhance the realism with make-up or fake blood for a bloody good look! Made in the USA.

Gouged Prosthetics includes:

  • 2 prosthetics, 1 1/2in x 3/4in and 3in x 1 3/4in
  • Application instructions

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Fx transfers are my new Halloween fav for years to come!!


I love this , With the zombie gray make up ,tights, and blood also purchased through party city I ended up winning scariest halloween costume at my job !!! cant wait until next year :)


Gouged Flesh Prosthetics

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