Celebrate in Color: 7 Outfit Ideas that Parade with Pride

Whether you’re loud and proud or beam with pride, celebrating LGBT month is best in color, as in rainbow color. We’ve got seven outfit ideas that will get you looking fabulous for Pride events, parades and festivals. From clever T-shirts to rainbow wings and more, there’s a whole lot to love. Ready to make a splash with color? Oh, it’s on.

Need a quick hack for a Pride Parade outfit? This accessory comes through with flying colors: rainbow wings. They’re perfect for taking any outfit ensemble to new heights. Just strap them on, and you’re set to soar!

Sometimes a basic T-shirt is all you need to make a bold statement. Sayings like “come out and party” or “let’s get one thing straight—I’m not” make for clever quips that shine with love. Pairing your tee with a rainbow hat or a rainbow necklace is another easy way to take an outfit from basic to bold.

Dressing for the Pride Parade is no holds barred, so if you’re going to ruffle some feathers, you might as well do it with, well, feathers. A rainbow feather mohawk gives any outfit an edgy finish, and since it’s a headband, you can recreate the look anytime you want to rock the rainbow.

#OOTD? With a rainbow romper, you’ve got an outfit of the month. A single-piece romper is a summertime fashion staple, and when paired with a rainbow pattern, a romper is a one-and-done solution of what to wear for Pride 2018. Add a rainbow bandana as a headband to complete your on-trend look.

If embracing all colors falls under your banner, then bear that pride with a rainbow flag. Whether as a cape or a cover for two, a rainbow flag lets others know that it’s love that makes colors look fly.

Fierce, fabulous and fleek? This simple upcycle tip makes your Pride Parade ensemble a triple threat. Fashioning a bustle out of a rainbow flag makes for a sleek way to put colors on parade. When you add sequin armbands and a feather mohawk, you can’t help but showcase the rainbow color scheme with pride.

When it comes to coordinating Pride 2018 style with your partner, you’ve got a rainbow of possibilities—literally! Let rainbows take the reins on couples fashion by mixing and matching rainbow pants with rainbow suspenders or a colorful sequin dress with a feather mohawk—no matter the splashy combination, it’s your ‘ship that shines through.

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