Elegant Pirate Hook with Sleeve

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Even a scurvy pirate wants to look good for the girls. Elegant Pirate Hook gives you that air of class and distinction, and features an ornate gold plastic Pirate Hook with an attached black fabric sleeve to cover your hand. A finger loop inside lets you hold onto the Pirate Hook as you dine, dance, gesture, swashbuckle, and regale your guests with stories about your raids. Elegant Pirate Hook measures 5in long with a 10in long sleeve, and fits most teens and adults.

Not for children under 8 years.

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Not as described or pictured...


Used this for a Captain Hook costume in a parade. Thought it was going to be more brass/gold like the picture. It's dark grey. Also, there is not a loop for your finger inside which is what I was most excited about. False advertising? Either way, it's better than the cheaper plastic grey/black hooks out there.


It looks nice.


Looks like bronzed gold. My husband's hand is too large for most costume hooks. I like that the fabric doesn't create the restriction that most hooks have.


I would definitely buy again


Great product and feels great!


Great for long sleeve shirts not for short


Needs something to keep it closed around your wrist if not wearing a long sleeve shirt


Not gold


This pirate hook looks nothing like the picture. My son wanted a gold pirate hook and was very disappointed when he opened this package. It is NOT gold. Very misleading picture.



Elegant Pirate Hook with Sleeve

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