This DIY Balloon Arch Will Give Your Party Instant Wow-Factor

Create an amazing balloon arch for your party guests to dance through when they arrive at your celebration. Believe it or not, these impressive balloon arches are very do-able. The trick to making them is creating simple layers of four balloons tied together – and no helium is required. Keep reading for the tutorial and make your birthday girl’s dreams come true on her special day.


  • Balloon arch kit
  • Hand pump or electric pump
  • For arch: 5 packs pink 9” balloons (approx. 96)
  • For flowers: 1 pack mini 5” balloons in pink, turquoise and white
  • Double stick tape
  • Scissors

Step 1

Balloons are air-inflated. You can use a hand-pump, but for large projects an electric inflator works best. Inflate and tie off two pink balloons.

Step 2

To make the layers, tie together your 2 balloons. Next, create a second set of two balloons tied together.

Step 3

Fill balloon arch bases with water. To make the first layer tie the two sets of balloons together, reaching around the arch.

Step 4

Continue adding layers to the arch, from the bottom up. We created about 24 layers for this arch.

Step  5

Create small flowers and attach to the arch with small pieces of double-sided tape. Use 5” balloons and make either 4 or 5 petals, with single balloon in an accent color in the middle.