Disco Diva Set 2pc

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You're a dancing queen in our Disco Diva Set! This disco costume set includes a sparkly crop top and matching pants. The cropped halter top is covered in large silver sequins, and the flared silver lamé pants feature matching silver sequins from the knees down. Accessorize with disco jewelry and other accessories, and you're ready to get down and funky! One size Disco Diva Set fits most adults.

Disco Diva Set includes:

  • Crop top
  • Pants

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costume was really large- I called and was told that I could mail it back with shipping info for a refund minus all shipping and handling- Once the store received my package, I was called and told they could not credit my credit card. They could hold the costume and I could drive 4 hours and they could only credit with my card in person. It wouldn't cover my gas to drive for the the costume was returned but I'm out the full price and shipping TWICE!


Disco Diva Set 2pc

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