Deluxe Feather Dark Angel Wings

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Our Deluxe Feather Dark Angel Wings put an evil twist on the classic angelic look! Featuring layered black plume feathers, these dark wings add a touch of mystery to any costume. Black marabou feathers embellished with three black fabric roses are wickedly beautiful, and comfortable fabric shoulder straps hold the wings in place. Use our premium wings to create a realistic Gothic angel costume that's sure to impress your friends! Deluxe Feather Dark Angel Wings measure 24in long x 26in wide. One size fits most teens and adults.

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Great Wings But....


Wings are beautiful...Was greatly disappointed when we discovered one side of the elastic band (to wear) was missing entirely and it was too late to exchange, return etc.(cost stars in rating) We had to quickly improvise but the effect was not the same. Did not help make Halloween fun for my 11 yr old daughter who was very self-conscious about it and eventually removed them. Also, the feathers shed rather quickly -we found feathers throughout the house.




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