Deluxe Devil Accessory Kit

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The devil is in the details! With our Deluxe Devil Accessory Kit, you have the essential accessories to complete your custom devil costume: red lamé wings with sequin trim and glitter details, a curved plush tail with sequins on the end and a pair of red lamé clip-on devil horns. Being bad looks so good! One size Deluxe Devil Accessory Kit fits most teens and adults.

Deluxe Devil Accessory Kit includes:

  • Wings, 19 1/2in x 11in
  • Tail, 28in
  • Horns

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A Good Buy


Overall the quality is good. I bought this for the wings and the wings are great the only thing I didn't like is where the wings fold their is a gem that is half glued but it's understandable that the gem isn't fully glued since that's where the wings fold. I also think the tail is too long and overall big do my taste but that's not to say it isn't a good tail. If I were looking for a nice sturdy tail this one would be good enough. Overall I would recommend to buy it. It's a good quality product for the price.




The horns are my favorite. Most devil horns are on a headband but these ones are individual on "alligator" clips. They look great and are really durable. The tail is cute but its 28 inches and its really long. I wish it was about 14 instead, so I just ended up wrapping it in my waistband. The wings are cute too, they are on the smaller side so they are great for Halloween parties, you won't be knocking everyone out. Whether your wearing this with a bra and a tutu at a frat party or wearing this with long sleeves and leggings this accessory kit is definitely worth the money only wish it came with a pitchfork.




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