Cinco de Mayo Outfit Ideas

Photo booths and photo backdrops serve as decorations, are a fun party activity and will take your fiesta and Cinco de Mayo party pictures to the next level. Spice up your fiesta party with bright outfits and accessories by setting out a tray of wearables for your party people. Think mustaches on sticks, shot glass necklaces, flashy shades and necklaces in vibrant fiesta colors.

Idea 1: Kick off the celebración with fiesta accessories

Give everyone silly accessories to get their fiesta on! Spicy novelty glasses shaped like chili peppers, shot glass necklaces and maravilloso maracas will get everyone shaking it as soon as they arrive. Leis and beads in vibrant fiesta colors are great for layering and go with every outfit!

Idea 2: A picture-perfect couple

Set up an area at your fiesta party for selfies. Use streamers and layered fans to create an amazing, colorful backdrop and provide hats and sunglasses at your photo booth station. Do you need silly mustaches on a stick? That’s a yes.

Idea 3: Make them smile with dress-up ideas and photo props

Here's a kid-friendly fiesta activity. Let li'l senoritas and senores dress up in sombreros, Spanish hats and colorful shawls. Everyone can enjoy the fun of playing around with fiesta-theme beads and silly moustaches on sticks – including the adults! While everyone's having fun, tell them to say "queso" for the camera.

Idea 4: Snap Instagram-worthy pics of all the fun

Have a blast with a backyard photo booth. Create a colorful backdrop on a fence or wall with crepe streamers and paper fans and have props on hand like mini sombreros, novelty sunglasses, pretty shawls, moustaches on sticks, and chili pepper necklaces – then snap photos as your friends get silly.