Child Punked Clown Mask

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When good clowns go bad! Overhead vinyl Punked Clown Mask features a conventional clown face made weirdly punk with piercings, sharpened teeth, tattoos, and a turquoise and yellow Mohawk cut. The broad grin and smiling eyes combined with the menacing punk accents make this a Clown Mask of mixed messages. One size Punked Clown Mask fits most children.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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Sometimes a purchase is made without thinking things through


I bought this mask for my Great Grandson because he had this idea that he would be able to frighten the older kids in the neighborhood and they would be so impressed that they would play with him He is 5 and most of the kids around here are 10 or 11. But, unfortunately, his idea didn't work and after he tried it and they still didn't want to play with him, he came in the house and threw the mask down saying, "I hate this mask." He was so disappointed. I felt so bad for him. I explained to him that you can't get friends by having "things" Real friends want to be with you and play with you whether you have special toys or can do special things or not. So if you are trying to get friends by buying special things, it won't work and if it does, they aren't real true friends.


Child Punked Clown Mask

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