Yo-Kai Watch Invitations 8ct

4 1/4in x 6 1/4in Paper Cards
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Guests will be excited for your little one's Yo-Kai party when they receive Yo-Kai Watch Invitations in the mail! These postcard-style invitations feature Jibanyan, Komasan, and Robonyan above a bold red "Party!" headline. Slip the save-the-date stickers inside the included envelopes and seal them with sticker seals featuring Jibanyan, Whisper, Komasan, and Komajiro. Everyone will be sure to save the date for your child's spooky Yo-Kai party when they receive these invitations!

Yo-Kai Watch Invitations include:

  • 8 postcard invitations, 4 1/4in wide x 6 1/4in tall
  • 8 envelopes
  • 8 sticker seals, 1 1/4in diameter
  • 8 save-the-date stickers, 1 1/4in x 1 1/4in