Scabs 'n' Guts Educational Board Game

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Learn all about the human body with the Scabs 'n' Guts Educational Board Game. See which person in your group is the best at answering questions in various categories related to the human body, health, hygiene, and more. For example, how many bones does an adult have? The player who answers 206 gets to move the allotted spaces. The first player across the finish line is the winner! Play this fun and educational game at your next family game night! Suitable for 2 or more players. Ages 6 and up.

How to play:

  • Players take turns drawing a card from the deck
  • Players must correctly answer the questions on the cards in order to move the allotted spaces listed on the question card
  • The game ends when a player gets to the end of the board

Scabs 'n' Guts Educational Board Game includes:

  • 162 cards
  • Board
  • 6 pawns

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