Pop Culture Trivia Game

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Test your friends and family on their pop culture knowledge with this Pop Culture Trivia Game! This trivia game includes 220 trivia question cards covering pop culture topics including products; books, comics, and art; TV and film; music; and people. Gather everybody for a game night and quiz them on trends, crazes, and anything pop culture-related with this trivia game! Suitable for 2 or more players. Ages 12 and up.

How to play:

  • Create a table with columns for each of the 5 categories on the top and each players' initials on the side
  • The oldest player will be first to answer. The player on their left or right picks a card and ask the trivia question
  • If the player answers correctly, mark a tally by their name for the corresponding category
  • The first player to answer two questions correctly in each category wins

Pop Culture Trivia Game includes:

  • 220 cards
  • Instructions

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